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Roseanne’s problems

History of the Present Problem

Roseanne’s problems began in her early life. She has been suffering from dissociative identity disorder for a very long time. This disorder has its roots in the childhood of Roseanne. She witnessed and experienced physical abuse, sexual assault and emotional abuse at a very tender age. Moreover, she experienced the emotional abuse inquiries of being screamed at, disrespected, criticized, endangered, overlooked, and shamed. According to Bromberg (2016), Barr stated “My father molested me until I left home at the age of 17. He constantly put his hands all over me. He forced me to sit on his lap, to cuddle with him, to play with his penis in the bathtub.” She dealt with separation from her child which she gave up for adoption. She was also physically abused by her first husband. Going through all of this stress in her tender years, Roseanne became a victim of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. The abuse made her distressed and sometimes irritated in situations in which she has no uphold control of herself and the interactive environment. It made her the control freak. Due to her deteriorating mental health, her professional life suffered to the point where she decided not to work on the television anymore. She had to leave her decade’s long work experience in the midway as she became unable to cope with the day-to-day activities of her life.

Personal and Family History

The Emmy Award-winning actress and comedian Roseanne Barr was born in 1952 in Utah. She started her professional career as a standup comedian in the famous sitcom Roseanne. It ran for nine seasons. She married thrice in her life; ended up in getting divorced every time. Currently, she is in a relationship with Johnny Argent (Biography, 2013). She threw herself into politics and ended-up in the nation’s top office in 2012. She lost out to Dr. Jill Stein in the Green Party’s presidential nomination (Biography, 2017). With the passage of time, due to her life-long history of physical and emotional abuse, Roseanne fell victim to several psychological issues. She explains, “I had several nervous breakdowns, but unfortunately, no one noticed” (Bacardi, 2018).

Diagnosis and Treatment

Roseanne had herself claimed that she suffers from multiple personality disorder. According to her, she has the personality that has been hit and smashed with a hammer so that she does not need to live with her emotions anymore as all of them have been separated. She is currently suffering from dissociative identity disorder; she has two personalities within her. One of them loves to go out and be in the spotlight all time long whereas her second personality is a loner who likes to stay in the dark and does not enjoy the light as much. Both of her personalities are opposite to each other. This much difference in her personalities makes it difficult for her to live her life normally.

Roseanne Barr has obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is the repetition of action due to the feeling of having germs. Obsessions are unwelcomed doubts, urges, images, and thoughts that repeatedly appears in the mind of a person. The most common example of this disorder is the inability of a person to stand germs. In the case of Roseanne Barr, she is unable to stand to kiss people or touch them (Watkinst, 2017). According to her statement, she is unable to stand this situation because she fears that the people are contaminated with germs, and they will be transferred to her (Watkinst, 2017). It is a serious problem; the extend of this problem for Roseanne are far-reaching as her relationship with her spouse suffers. She has admitted to the fact that due to her psychological condition, she sometimes finds it difficult to kiss her husband or to get intimate with him (Watkinst, 2017).

Roseanne Barr has agoraphobia. It is a form of nervousness; Roseanne fears and feels stuck, stranded and self-conscious at times. According to Mayo Clinic (2017a), people who have agoraphobia find it difficult to leave home alone as they do not feel safe in public places. Such people also do not like to be enclosed spaces such as small stores, elevators and movie theatres (Mayo Clinic, 2017a). For these reasons, Roseanne had to leave her career in television because she was unable to live in the spotlight and to do shootings of her programs in enclosed spaces such as studios.

Roseanne Barr has clinical depression. With all these psychological issues and her traumatic past, the chances of having clinical depression are high. According to


Dissociative Personality Disorder: Roseanne Barr has two personalities in her; both are entirely different from each other. One loves to be in the spotlight whereas the other is a loner and does not limelight at all. Her two personalities are so different from each other that they even have different signatures.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Roseanne Barr has obsessive-compulsive disorder. She cannot stand to kiss or touch people due to the fear of germs. Due to her psychological condition, she sometimes finds it difficult to kiss her husband or to get intimate with him (Watkinst, 2017).

Agoraphobia: Roseanne Barr has agoraphobia. She is unable to withstand crowd. She cannot go into enclosed spaces and shoot for her television programs. Therefore, she decided to leave her career in television.

Clinical Depression: Roseanne Barr has clinical depression. She has suffered in her primary years a lot. She has been living with several other psychological disorders. Agoraphobia leads to depression. All of these factors indicate that Roseanne must have clinical depression. It is the most severe form of depression (Mayo Clinic, 2017c). One of the many symptoms of clinical depression includes anxiety, agitation or restlessness. Roseanne Barr faces all of these symptoms. She does not like to go into many crowded and public places. Moreover, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (2018), clinical depression is caused by a combination of psychological and behavioral issues, and unfortunately, Roseanne has not lived a very happy life especially in her primary years. Therefore, there are high chances for her to suffer from clinical depression.


For the dissociative personality disorder, Roseanne has been undergoing the treatment plan for five years. She has been successful in tackling her symptoms and is living a peaceful life at the moment. Her symptoms are under control due to the therapy, and she has been successful in controlling her personalities. Her symptoms have been reduced. Seeing this progress, her prognosis for improvement in this regard has a bright future. Although she has left working on the television, she still has a bright and successful life in front of her. The possibility of living that life increase with every therapy session she completes.

For the obsessive-compulsive disorder, Roseanne Barr must undergo cognitive behavioral therapies particularly exposure and response prevention therapy. According to Roseanne, due to her psychological condition, she sometimes finds it difficult to kiss her husband or to get intimate with him (Watkinst, 2017). Therefore, cognitive behavioral therapies will be the best option for her in this regard.

For the agoraphobia disorder, Roseanne must treat herself with both psychotherapy and medication (Mayo Clinic, 2017b). Treatment will get her better despite that fact that it will take some time due to the combination of psychological disorders she has been living for a large part of her life.

For the clinical depression, Roseanne must take a combination of medicines and therapies. The best therapies for in this regard may include psychotherapies and brain stimulation therapies (National Institute of Mental Health, 2018). Similarly, the electroconvulsive therapy can provide her relief and generate a rapid response in her (National Institute of Mental Health, 2018).

Roseanne Barr is an Emmy Award-winning actress and comedian. She started her career at a very young age and successfully continued to rule the screen for decades. However, due to her early life traumatic years, she fell victim to several psychological and behavioral disorders. Most importantly, she has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. She is currently living with two personalities; too distinctive of each other that everyone has a different signature. She has also been exhibiting symptoms of obsessive-compulsive behaviors as she is unable to stand to kiss or touch people; it is even negatively affecting her personal life. Roseanne also has agoraphobia. She fears and feels stuck, stranded and self-conscious at times. Moreover, due to the life-long history of struggle and development of newer symptoms with every passing year, Roseanne has been diagnosed with clinical depression. She has been unable to keep up with her professional commitments lately. Therefore, she decided to leave work on the television. She has been undergoing through therapies to control her multiple personality disorder; she has been successful in dealing with it. However, she must also go through cognitive behavior therapies as well. She must also consider going through a combination of therapy and medication for agoraphobia. Moreover, she must consider going through electroconvulsive therapy for a rapid change in her treatment process.


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