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Old Spice plays right into the female crowd intuitively capturing their attention from the very beginning. They set up the stage by introducing a well-built, handsome man after a shower his first words being Hello ladies. In the marketing of any product, the advertising has to appeal to the target group way of reasoning hence most business entities will use specific modes of persuasions that will convince the customer to buy their product. These tools are strategically used in the Old Spice ad making it a grand seller to the body wash.

Old spice creates the contrast by asking the women to look at the men beside them then back at them again and again. This relation brings out pathos by appealing to the woman’s desires and fantasies of their dream men. This play on emotion has been spread out through the short advert hence captivating the women all through.

A good advert in modern society has to appeal to some certain ethic. Old man spice, however, has not been based too much on ethos as it works around the limits of defying such ethics with dexterity. Using sex appeal works to the advantage of this ad which does not often work as expected for most.

Old spice despite the great sensationalism he raises with his appeal to emotion and desire, the advert also appeals to logic. The research will show that the most avid buyer of body wash products is the woman. The ad sells men’s product but advertises to the woman, in the right sense it stops being illogical when the advertisement draws in the consumers based on statistics. This ad also ended up to be very profitable because it was able to sell to both male and female consumers.

Women share a societal commonplace in the way they perceive gender. This convergent place is determined by the ability of a man to provide for the desires of their women so that they can love them in return. The Old Spice man jumps from the bathroom to a boat, a location that fascinates most female figures due to its romantic stature. This gesture appeals to pathos or emotions of the female audience. Onwards, an oyster containing two tickets to “that thing you love” suddenly appears in his hands to mean that he was capable of providing women with whatever they want. It then dissolves into diamond stereotyping the kind of things that make a girl happy as well as signify the ultimate symbol of love and beauty. In essence, if the girl has this man, she will have everything she desires. That said, it is clear that the ad uses pathos to appeal to women audience to hoax their men to use the body wash or purchase Old Spice for their men.

Old Spice uses a strong-bodied man to ignite sex appeal while at the same time employing humor to invoke feelings of desire to the female audience. The ad also appeals to Kairos as depicted by the perfectly situational time of the Superbowl in addition to the men’s body wash market which was fast growing.

From the precedent, it is clear that men are not easily attracted by adverts that focus on the specifics of their hygiene products. Women, on the other hand, are easily thrilled and have a specific fixation when it comes to matters to do with personal upkeep and appearance. With the Old Spice ad targeting a female audience, it can create a large consumer base and thus increase the sales of the body wash.




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