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Revealing Theme in ‘A Wall of Fire Rising’

Almost all literary pieces of creation by authors have a central theme incorporated in the writing lines that depict society, societal values, and norms adorned with the elements of hope, joy or grief. It is pertinent to mention that such a theme is woven into such writings in a particular manner determined by the author. The author leaves the central theme’s disclosure and absorption on the reader’s thinking waves. The same is true about the short story “A Wall of Fire Rising,” by Haitian-American writer Edwidge Danticat. The theme of poverty, the desire for freedom from this monster, the crux of parenthood and the guilt of empty-handedness that ultimately ended in death are woven into this story with the author’s sensitivity to emotions and painstaking hard work. This essay will explore the step-by-step revelation and disclosure of this theme in the story with the help of the picture described by the author and wrapped in his words and expressions.

The author reveals the central theme of poverty at the start of the story by elaborating on the miserable condition of the poor peasant and his crux of mental focal. The character of Guy, after Lilly, reveals the hardships and momentum of destitution in this haunting tale by the nature of his job. The Haitiean families and their respective members possibly lead their lives in grim imprints of grief, sadness and depressive attitude enveloped under the blanket of poverty. The same is revealed in the story along with Lilly, a mother’s character that hails hope for both sides, i.e., a father and a child. Similarly, the theme concerning the desire for freedom from poverty is disclosed when Guy hopes for the permanency of his job, although his name is below the jobian’s list.

Moreover, the impression of hope and good times is incorporated into the story when Guy spends his free time with his wife. The play performance of Little Guy is also the hope to fight for a better future. However, the hope and desire for a better life end with the death scene of the main character leaving lasting imprints on the societal behaviour who have pity and sympathies after death.

Finally, in conclusion, it can be said that the theme is revealed in a step-by-step manner from poverty to hope, a desire to fight for better and shameless life of a father and eventually ends with the death in the story.

Work Cited

Danticat, Edwidge. “A Wall of Fire Rising.”.” Krik? Krak (1996): 51-80.



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