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Marxist reading to the Story by Jack London “To Build a Fire”

The particular theory presented by Marx can be effectively relate to the different issues that were identified by Jack London in the particular story, “To Build a fire” through the lives of the characters. The prospect of Marxist reading explains that man is the social animal. Man is the entity that considers as the one part of the society. It is notable to mention that sometimes man adopts the approach to exclude himself from the existing paradigm of the society to disconnect himself with the society with which he belongs. He adopt different actions of isolation but ultimately fails to attain the desired approach.

Characters of the Story by Sara O. Jewett “A White Heron”

Sylvia is the one prominent character in the story that gives the feel of the sympathy throughout the story. She is the nine-year-old girl who can be characterize as the protagonist. Undoubtedly, she is stuck between the paradigms of two different worlds. She relates herself to the city where she born but that never give her the feeling of true happiness. She moved to the other country that completely changes her perspective towards life. It became difficult for her to connect completely to one place. The character of a hunter can be identify with the facet of less sympathy because he always delivers the confusing approach to different concepts. He follows the materialistic approach in his life.

Philosophical Aspect of “The Open Boat”

“It was probably splendid. It was probably glorious, this play of the free sea, wild with lights of emerald and white and amber.”

This particular line forms the story; “The Open Boat” comes with the consideration of the philosophical features. This particular form is crucial to define the prospect of philosophy related to the man’s fate and his approach towards life. It effectively proposes the idea of alienation that indicates about the humans’ decisions about the element of isolation from the world. The author successfully delivers the idea of philosophy in the form of true happiness and escape from the world. The prospect of free sea indicates that individuals are unfortunately so involved with their problems that they do not have time to experience the beauty of life.



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