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Medium in Art Essay

A medium is the actual substance material used to design a work of art. Media includes the materials used for painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and craft-making. These media have existed since time immemorial. Natural materials such as straw, clay, stone, and shells can be used for art.

Art consists of some elements, which include line, value, light, color, pattern, texture, volume, shape, and space. The principles of art composition are rhythm, balance, proportion, scale, unity, variety, and emphasis. Some pieces of artwork are restricted to only vision, while others are sensorial or simply engage both senses and vision. I chose the artwork of time and motion in the textbook “Exploring Art: A Global Thematic Approach” as they amazed me most of all, and they are essential elements of art. Time is defined as the period the audience or viewers take to absorb and study the message and the qualities of a piece of art. An image that implies motion is that of Marcel Duchamp’s The Passage from Virgin to Bride 1912. Materials matter in the art as the idea’s physical embodiment is significant. An artist’s art is stronger when he or she chooses the best media to relay their ideas.

Medium influences the way we view art because something normal is turned into something beautiful to our eyes. The fact that the medium used seems so simple is what makes us value the work of art done. The media are the common objects and ideas. A painted square is so simple that the audience does not think of the thought behind it or even the substances used to produce a simple piece of art. A medium is an important tool that makes us think deeply about the artwork and why something so simple is so significant. Artists should not and should produce their work to suit the needs of the audience. They should because art cheers up and entertains the audience, and they should not produce their work to suit the audience since it is important for them to bring the individual self in them as this is what makes it their own and also unique from that of other artists.



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