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Marijuana Legalization

THESIS: Some preliminary research and studies have indicated that marijuana legalization might help in reducing opioid prescription use and deaths associated with overdose, but researchers don’t have conclusive evidence linking the marijuana legalization and the findings. Therefore, can medical marijuana legalization help in reducing prescription opioid health problems?

i. Scientific researchers and studies have not proofed a link between the medical marijuana legalization and opioid problems.

a) NIDA-funded research indicated that there is a link between medical legalization marijuana and opioid prescription problem. But the study did not show how the marijuana legalized marijuana decreases the overdose deaths.

b) There still a continuation of research and studies try to identify the use of marijuana in the medical field.

ii. The risk of marijuana legalization and medical benefits should be identified.

a) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recognized the use of marijuana as medicine. Nevertheless, scientific research of chemicals in marijuana known as cannabinoids made the FDA approve medications containing marijuana chemical. Therefore, further studies may lead to more discoveries; thus, more benefit.

b) The FDA has not fully recognized the marijuana as medicine since the risk of the plant causes more harm than good.

iii. Scientists should conduct preclinical and clinical trials on marijuana medicine and try to find the illness the medicine will cure. Therefore, the research must be continued to help to identify more medicines.

iv. Social risks and health benefits of marijuana legalization assessment should be done to understand which outweigh the other.

a) Studies have shown that use of marijuana can lead to addiction, loss of memory and can make students attain low grades although the research is still inconclusive.

b) Also, research has suggested marijuana users have increased the risk of being injured due to lack of concentration in their work.

c) The study has suggested that marijuana has medical benefit.

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