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Research On The Importance Of Education

Education is not about learning from books, school scores, and curriculum, and it is shameful to many schools that still have the same notion. A good education teaches a child ways of learning so that the kid can take up sovereign learning as a grown-up. Education also teaches a kid how to reason well to enable the child not to be ignorant in old age. However, a community with uneducated people cannot believe in coherent lines. Within the medieval era, long before the revival, individuals always fought senseless battles, which cannot be perceived as it outlines an essential part of people’s lives.

The significance of education is irrefutable for every distinct individual. It exists without positing that education has an optimistic impact on human existence (Balogun 121). All individuals want to learn. Only with the advent of education can individuals acquire skills and enlarge their outlook over the globe. For instance, studying through watching television (TV) or reading manuscripts offers people an immense amount of information regarding anything they have an interest in, like present news, mathematics, exchange rates, and cultures of other countries. People become more constructive and civilized when they are well-educated (Balogun 121). In places where people are unable to receive a suitable education, life cannot flourish and thrive as compared to places where education standards are high.

Bereiter stated that the main promotion point for schooling in society is “the truth that it assists people to learn “how” to learn” (56). It is not all about the skills they gather, but it concerns the way a kid is taught the way to learn new things. A kid may come away from school not knowing anything concerning the course, but when the child is taught the way to learn, then that kid becomes a grownup who learns all the things he or she wants to know in life. Otherwise, the kid will grow up to be an individual who cannot view the obvious since the child cannot reason and learn new things consciously.

Education teaches individuals how to reason, and if they are taught how to reason properly, hence they assist in suppressing their thinking of ignorance. For instance, there are numerous websites and posts on the internet concerning childhood vaccinations and how they are dangerous (Cronon 70). However, if an individual is taught how to reason, then the individual will know how to identify pragmatic confirmation, and the person will reason well.

Moreover, according to Balogun, education plays a significant role in “the development of human life” (45). Television emerged as a domestic commodity in the 20th century as the internet took over in the 21st century (Cronon 65). Improvement in technology is only possible through education. People who are ignorant are not capable of comprehending the sense of natural occurrences and are not capable of building up a dream for the future.

However, through education, people learn about the diverse traditions and cultures around the globe. It assists individuals in being more open-minded with each other. Owolabi argued that broad exposure increases “the base of understanding of the people and trains them to countenance the problems of life in a suitable way” (63). In ancient times, because of an absolute lack of knowledge, overseas travel was believed to be an unholy movement, and individuals had to go through a cleansing process.

Additionally, education helps an individual in making the decision independently. It plays a significant role in decision-making by gaining feedback from other people. A rational individual would prepare accordingly “prior to beginning any business venture in any place and business field” (Balogun 145). If a person is educated and well knowledgeable, it is easier to prepare for the financial activity and resolve it if it is probable to conduct the business effectively.

Finally, education is also accountable for attaining success in life. Cronon explored that an individual who is ignorant would never be in a position to achieve success (23). It is only probable with the aid of sustained education at diverse standards. Without any capability to read, think, and write a human being’s life is no superior to that of an animal (Cronon 45). Skills offer several methods for individuals to accomplish success. For example, if you want to emerge as a victorious businessperson, it is essential to get an education concerning the relevant domain of the business.

In conclusion, when education is not perceived as vital, then it will just be about institutions’ scores and hitting the aspects of the curriculum. There will be a time when kids will hate education since institutions put them off it for life. Moreover, with no education educating people on how to reason things out as well as educating them on the way to divide what is the truth from what is faulty confirmation, then our community will befall more ignorant until a better state simply marches over and takes the country from under out lack of knowledge noses. In fact, education is beneficial for the community in general. It is a life-long procedure for every individual who desires to be reinforced throughout life (Owolabi 105). Conversely, people need an education system that eradicates illiteracy and offers an ordinary person admission not only to primary education but also to higher and technical learning.

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