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Remediating Lapses In Professionalism Article Analysis

The article is based on several important traits and characteristics of moral reasoning and its relationship with professional identity. Medical educators, who are able to use different measures of moral reasoning and professional identity, are also able to support the students with an effective assessment of strengths and weaknesses. It allows the students to develop their understanding of the different ethical and moral elements that are critically needed in professionalism. Many different examples are provided to address different events that show an individual to understand different practices or behaviors in a certain environment.

The authors of the article targeted the different patterns in which different therapeutic interactions are found related to the students who are having some particular challenges. The suggestions provided by the authors include different remediating measures of professionalism that lie under the different aspects of evidence-based psychological theories. It includes the Rest’s Four-Component Model (FCM) of Morality. This model is taken with the sample size of 20 cohorts of professional school students who completed their different ethics-based curriculums, which were designed in a way that encouraged the different capacities initiated and explained by the theories.

In the past, when different measures were used to validate the affectivity designed and patterned by grounded performances. These measures were used to identify different ethical needs and educational aspects. It was held to show the long and short-term programs and their affectivity. In the case of dentistry students, the ethics programs that were used were designed with different individualized ethics. The patterns of MJB and KFL are designed to show the different aspects of ethical remediation in the field of medical students who were considered involved in ethical dishonesty.

The authors explained the different patterns of assessment, in which two out of four components of ethical considerations identify the design of different remediation programs that promote professional identity. It empowers students and professionals who are able to consider the strengths and weaknesses available in their capacities. The different experiences that are developed with the different aspects of medical and dental students are evaluated with the performance patterns and their current challenges with the educators. The general and simple guide for the ethical remediation process or courses is highlighted in the best possible manner, and the results show that it is effective with challenging students.

Many times, an argument arises that the professional jobs screening and hiring process should be better and should be the one that could hire the best individuals for the jobs. The authors of the article pointed out that there are no such measures that effectively discriminate against applicants on the basis of learned professions. The predictive validity is the one that occurred always. A mini medical interview pattern is designed to evaluate the progress of the selection of students in the different medical schools. The measure was patterned to identify and evaluate the different aspects of professionalism. The findings are that the results were effective and encouraged those who are willing to deal with the improvement of the professional education system.

It is linked with the different moral and ethical measures of service and responsibilities that are designed to be practiced and organized in a particular way. Educators have several responsibilities that they need to consider and understand, and their implications should be understood so that they can recognize the effective measures of professional values and beliefs. The educators have the responsibility to analyze the different professional values and expectations that are needed to make the general socialization process.

The needed part is that the emphasis should be placed on professional education and the awareness of students about real-world scenarios. It could lead to the assessment of different capacities of students that need to be considered while developing the skills of the students as the necessary core aspects of their behavioral patterns. It engages the students in self-assessment and reflection to evaluate the attainment of required capacities. In a simple way, the medical school curriculum supplies the knowledge and understanding of technical knowledge and its implications for the real and professional world. In the curriculums, the assessment, instructions, reflections, and evaluation of professionalism are provided in detail. The students are no doubt important and need to develop their professional skills.

They need to develop their learning abilities and learn to maintain their professional competencies throughout their professional practices. Moral reasoning and professional identity are important enough to provide a basis that could help and support the students who are able to recognize and achieve their professional development with ethical behavioral development. The engagement of the students in the self-assessment process is needed and important.

The important elements and aspects of the article are based on simple facts that the students who want to have a professional future, such as medical students, should determine their potential skills and professional abilities that will make them able to survive in the real professional world. The article is no doubt valuable and explains that the professionalism and ethical behavior needed in the professional working environment are significant and should be achieved by the students. Educators are also responsible for the evaluation and explanation of these aspects and are responsible for teaching students effectively about professional measures and their related ethical considerations.


Bebeau, M. and Faber-Langendoen, K. (2013). Remediating Lapses in Professionalism. Remediation in Medical Education, pp.103-127.



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