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Relationship between Sleep Deprivation and Depression

Research can be a daunting task at times and it imperative to have a clear understanding of issues articulated. One of the significant issues in the field of psychology is the relationship between sleep deprivation and depression among adolescents conducted by Roberts and Duong (2014). An understanding of the document selected for the analysis is also imperative. Ideally, the article is an analysis of professional issues since it tends to have a comprehensive understanding of depression, which is a major concern in the field of psychology. In most instance, people affected are not in a position to relate well with others in their environments and that affects not only their wellbeing but also their interaction with key stakeholders in the space. The format of the article justifies the type, and it is imperative as well as to have a clear understanding of such a format to have a comprehensive understanding of the issue under consideration. The main objective of the research examines some of the prospects as well as the reciprocal related to sleep deprivation and depression. An understanding of the design is also imperative. The study considers a community-based environment and makes use of two-wave cohort analysis. In such an instance, it is possible to examine the variables that exist in the set-up. For a study to be elaborate and communicate the information in the most effective manner, it is imperative also to understand the study population and make it as involving as possible.

For the particular article, the selection of the metropolitan area makes it possible to get the best response since the participants were from almost every group. For the analysis to meet the set demands, two measurements were taken into consideration. The first approach was the use of the symptoms of depression in creating the correlation and making it possible to understand the concern. Moreover, the use of DSM-IV major depression was also useful and formulated a crucial part of the analysis. Ideally, the study incorporated some other findings to enrich the particular one and further explored on every available information. Researchers should have a comprehensive understanding of elements that affect relationships and use all the available measures of fostering understanding.

Type of research used in the article

The nature of research is correlational, which is the same as associational research. The kind of research brings a correlation that exists among various variables, which might two or more. The research utilizes two variables and fails to influence any of the variables. The focus is on getting the best out of the research process. Moreover, an in-depth investigation also exists between the variable presented, and that finds the relationships that exist. The fact that the variables are not manipulated under any condition makes it possible to get the best out of the research, and that helps in communicating professionals findings which can reference in future research as well. Human behavior is an interesting topic to explore, and the use of correlational studies explains the importance of the same.

Additionally, it gives the platform to predict the future occurrences. That happens with an identification of the relationships that exist among the variables involved in the study. In most occasions as depicted in the article, a relationship exists between sufficient magnitude and that makes it possible to predict a score existing among the variables. The use of a predictor variable helps in determining the cause of action at such an instance. In the research, there is also the criterion variable, and that mostly makes it possible in predicting in a given case. The article also makes good use of scatterplots as well as regression lines. The predicted score in certain instance might not apply and give the correct score. The ability to correct the error is necessary for ensuring success while addressing key prospects of the research.

Summary of the article

An understanding of the article is also an important move to explore. Ideally, it is imperative to get acquainted with the relationship presented and how it can be applied in any space in the contemporary society. Firsts, the article makes it possible to understand the concept of sleep deprivation and how it relates to key aspects of life. According to (Roberts & Duong, 2014), sleep deprivation denotes an instance in which teenagers spend less than the required amount of time sleeping, and that presents some health concerns on their health. Initially, it was not within my knowledge that most adolescents suffer from sleep deprivation and how that affects their wellbeing. The study also makes it possible to understand the minimum time that an adolescent should sleep.

The minimum 6 hours is the threshold, and it is imperative to adhere to the same in most instances. What brings about the deprivation is an issue that most people don’t understand and that makes it hard for such individuals to explain their ideologies. According to the article, it is explanatory that some transitions exist when a child moves to adolescent and that is that is the justification for the level of deprivation recorded. One of the instances is the movement to earlier school time as well as the existing puberty phases, which might delay at times. That not only affect the sleep-wake schedule but also impact on the quality of sleep that adolescence gets. Moreover, there is the daytime behavior, which is comprehensive. Such individuals, with the digital age, tend to involve in some activities during the day. For instance, it is apparent that cyberbullying results in stress and that affects the pattern of sleep that such individuals depicted in most instances.

It is apparent that phase delay is one of the instances that can make adolescents to have a hard time getting enough sleep. Even though such is normal and part of human lifestyles, it is necessary to nurture young adults on the best approaches to combat such in the society to have a productive life. Even though the puberty phase might delay in a certain instance, it is necessary to have the most effective environment for the adolescents to at least give them some quality sleep. How many individuals currently have access to smartphones for instance? According to the research, it is evident that most adolescents spend a lot of time glued to their screens and that has some psychological impacts.

It is not possible to create an environment that will thwart the issue since parents are also much concerned with their jobs. Things are never the same. In the current setting, parents give too much space for their children, and they tend to learn on their own. Even though that is not completely a bad move, it affects the young ones since they are not able to decipher the right information from the chunk that comes their way. Some of the information that they assimilate are detrimental to their brain development, and that is the main cause of stress as well as depression that is currently evident in most environments. The dysfunctional that exist across a wide range of aspects such as psychology as well as the somatic well-being stand as the main reason for the high level of sleep deprivation noted in most parts of the world.

According to the article, it is also evident that individuals with sleep disorder exhibit some other problems, which effects on their well-being in most instances. One of such factors is the high level of depression, which not only effects on the health but also their relationship with others. Mostly, depressed individuals tend to concentrate on doing one thing, which might also affect their health on most occasions. Moreover, anxiety is also associated with the sleep disorder. The outcome of such an approach greatly effect on the well-being of such individuals, and it is not possible to live a productive life. The use of drugs among adolescents is currently on the increase.

Most of these individuals are still in school and are expected to record a good performance. Unfortunately, their grade is always low, and that affects their career on most occasions. The contemporary society is competitive, and that require individuals to depict a high level of education. Once these individuals fail in various grades, it is hard for them to build on their self-esteem and that further adds to the level of depressions. As a result of depression, these individuals also record a high level of fatigue as well as less energy. Most of these individuals will always show aspects related to a headache as well as backaches.

Most research findings in the contemporary society fail to bring the correlation that exists between sleep disorder and depression and that makes it hard in solving the menace. Currently, individuals are becoming techno-savvy, and that makes them informed on some incidences. The youth. For instance, tend to embrace key aspects of technology with the utilization of mobile phones as well as other technological platforms. They tend to spend hours on their phones for instance at night chatting with their friends. The findings in the article posit that adolescents are not able to process such information in the right manner and are likely to suffer due to some instances related to such contents.

How the article fits in psychology

Psychology is a comprehensive field which articulates on the study of human mind and how it relates to behavior. Ideally, it is necessary for every individual to have enough sleep and have a positive relationship with other individuals in the society. I remember in one instance, depression was evident among my friends and the impact was detrimental on relationships. Insomnia is currently a major problem in different parts of the world. Mostly, teenagers suffer the consequences of such, and there is the need for the most effective measures to improve the condition among youths in the contemporary society. It is known that the high level of stress, as well as anxiety, links to sleep disorder according to psychology. Moreover, depression is another factor to consider in the most occasion in exploring key features of the case. The consequences of the same include drug abuse as well as the utilization of social media to help in passing the time.

Mostly, teenagers are found of creating fake personalities on various social media platforms to entertain their friends. A concern that arises is the impact of such fake personalities on their self-esteem. According to the field of psychology, fake personalities are temporary, and their impact can hurt teenagers in most instances. At one point, teenagers find it an uphill task sustaining such demands, and that makes them give up, and the impact affects their health in some instances. For instance, these individuals are unlikely to relate well with other peers and that effects on their growth and development. The article provides key symptoms that are similar to the one that most researcher in the field of psychology present. The most common symptoms presented in the case include difficulty maintaining sleep.

It is documented that insomnia falls under a chronic issue and does not relate to acute concerns in any way. Even though the person is likely to suffer the symptoms for a long time, it stands out that three months is the threshold for an individual to be diagnosed with the disorder. It stands that most youths express the symptoms for a long period and that qualifies them to suffer the disorder. The next move should be the best treatments to improve the condition of the individual. In most instance, as articulated in the article, there is the need for cognitive behavior therapy. The approach needs the intervention of not only parents but other caregivers. The society as a whole should have the most effective methods of addressing the concern at any given instance. Health care providers can also offer medications to meet the rising demands of these teenagers. In any case, it is imperative to try and identify the disorder at the initial stages and use all the existing methods in bringing sanity and improving the well-being of teenagers. The article fits in psychology since it also offers the best recommendations that should be implemented.

Why the article is different

Non-scholarly periodicals are just but a number source of reference used in research. Even though they might be inadequate in the certain instance, they still build on the body of research and should be incorporated in most instances. The first difference between the article and other sources such as magazines is the fact that it present evidence in the form of findings. The study used a comprehensive study design and incorporated participants. Those who were part of the study includes 4,175 youths. Most of them were between the ages of 11 and 17. Ideally, that is the right bracket to formulate clear findings for the study. Most non-scholarly sources bank on qualitative findings and that relies on opinions rather than findings. The main similarity that exists is the fact that all the sources will always create a correlation.

In conclusion, the article is comprehensive, and that adds to the body of knowledge. Even though it suffers some challenges, it is appropriate since the issues under consideration, sleep disorder and depression, are at the core of psychology. The type of article is also imperative, and the fact that the particular selection tends to compare various variable without manipulating any of them makes it possible to get a satisfying response.


Roberts, R. E., & Duong, H. T. (2014). The prospective association between sleep deprivation and depression among adolescents. Sleep37(2), 239-244.–kaMK4EQcTKubn7nqA



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