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Reflection of Eng. 103A Couse

If people want to master a certain skill or subject then learning is an essential path that they need to walk on. This ensures that essential time is spent in mastering the difficult aspect of the skill so when the time comes to apply the knowledge, the students have become adept in their field. Similarly, this course was designed to enhance certain skills that will be beneficial for the students in the future and this paper will explore the personal experiences and skills that I gained from this course.

Why do you think what you learned in this class was important?

Every course is designed to enhance the skills of the student so that they can become the best in their field. This course, as well, was designed in a way that improved my skills drastically. I feel that I have enhanced my skills a lot as compared to my first day in class, however; the most important skill that I learned in this class was critical thinking. Every assignment forced me to think from a different perspective and conduct research to support my opinion. I found myself formulating thoughtful sentences that would be clear and concise so that my point gets across. I feel that with each assignment, I have gained the ability to tackle difficult topics as my research skills have improved as well. Instead of writing my opinion blindly I, now research my perspective to find supporting evidence so that my writing is credible. Initially, I could not understand the reasons behind this course but now I know that these skills will allow me to write more complex research papers in the future, apart from that being a credible person is of utmost importance in the field that I have chosen.

What from this course will you take into your next courses?

This course has enhanced my critical thinking and research skills. These two skills will help me in my future courses when there is a need to write complex research papers. Another skill that would help me in future courses is the ability to compose professional pieces of writing. There are times in professional life that require a person to compose well-worded and professional emails, these need to be written with utmost care so that the person writing them may come across as a capable person. So this course has prepared me for other courses and my professional life.

What concepts did you learn that can help you in your work, home, or community?

Learning to write credible and plagiarism free papers have taught me to be a credible person myself. As a mother of two, it is very important to become a credible and authentic person that my children can depend upon as parents are the first role models for every child. I also want my children to learn the best attributes from me and authenticity of character is going to be one of them. For my work life, I have learned to write more professionally so that I am seen as a competent person. In my community, I have learned to discern what pieces of information are mere gossip and which are true. This has helped a lot as I no longer believe everything I hear and always remember to research everything.

In what ways will the concepts you learned in this course benefit you in the discipline for which you are preparing?

In the field of nursing and healthcare, the professionals must have the capability of writing in different medical settings. Researching for different topics has given me the capability of analyzing different sources of information and finding the ones that are relevant to my research. This has allowed me to know which sources are true and which are false, this means that my critical thinking has improved significantly which is essential for nurses as they need to be able to think critically in different situations. This is important as some patients may have different beliefs and may respond to medical analyses differently, so it is beneficial to understand their position while critically analyzing the patient’s perspective for the best solution.

Regarding the Biblical Perspectives in this course, how might they influence how you use your writing to communicate?

The Biblical Perspective has taught me to handle each problem with patience and try to develop a deep understanding of the subjects that I am writing about. The ability to communicate is a God-given gift as He chose to communicate with humanity to bring them closer to Him; similarly, thoughtful communication allows the writer to connect with the reader at a personal level (Ayee, 2013). This perspective has helped me in developing insight that would be of service to other people. It has also taught me to be compassionate and patient as different people live in completely different circumstances; which should be dealt with care (GP, 2021).


This course seems unassuming at first glance, but; it has taught me skills that will stay with me for life. I know that I have become a more thoughtful writer now as compared to the day I first started to take this class. I hope that I keep on writing with care and deep understanding as I did in this course. I have also developed a strong Christian World View which would not only help me in my professional life but also in my personal life.


Ayee, E. S. A. (2013). Human communication revisited – A biblical perspective. Koers – Bulletin for Christian Scholarship, 78(1), 16 pages-16 pages.

GP. (2021, July 20). The Importance of a Christian Worldview. The Gospel Project.



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