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Reasons Why a Publishing Nurse would want to establish

Practising nurses have the goal of becoming the best in their capacity. Therefore, publishing will give the nurses confidence and delight in their work. Similarly, nurses, through publications, have the capability of reaching as large a number of people in different regions for as large as the article published will cover. Practicing nurse gains more peers as well as find motivation to do more research.

Comments on the guidelines attached

The guidelines are useful to any practicing nurse having an interest in publishing his or her works. The author’s guidelines give a nurse a foundation on which he or she will base their writing. The instructions are clear and straight to the point, allowing nurse to plan their work and ensure correct submissions. The nurses will also be able to decide from the guidelines site to submit their papers, which will eventually be useful. In the author’s guidelines, most, if not all, requirements are familiar to a practising nurse who is going through the course. For instance, the style mandatory for the writing is an APA Format which any practicing nurse knows. Additionally, the guidelines will require a nurse to write queries and cover letters stating their interest, which is a familiar task. However, the practising nurse may not be familiar with the editors’ process to review and evaluate their work for final acceptance and, therefore, need more research.

The information from the author’s guidelines is useful to the nurse in practice. The guidelines provide plenty of expectations from a nurse aspiring to write as well as give the step-by-step procedures for successful submission. The instructions as to what is required and what to avoid are evident as well; hence, a nurse can publish based on the guidelines.

However, some practising nurses may not find information satisfying as they may have arising questions and doubts. Therefore, the nurses can opt to use other journals to derive reports that they lack from the guidelines they have at hand.



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