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Reasons for the Massive Immigration to the US


There must have been the driving factors to the massive migration of people into America before the world war. The situation is seen to have changed later and America didn’t receive as many immigrants. Some of the reasons for the change could make the contrary of what the attractions were.

Reasons for the massive immigration into the US

The immigration into the US was massive prior to the world war. One of the reasons for the massive flow into the US was because of the political unrest in other countries in comparison to America’s situation. In this case, many countries that had their citizens getting into America were experiencing civil wars at the time. For this reason, many of the people feared for their lives and had to move to safer locations and countries, the US being major destinations. In addition, some of the countries experienced some sort of famine. For instance, the Irish potato had declined in the amount in Ireland. For this reason, the level of famine in the countries affected went up. People had to move to places that produced more food and that would satisfy their hunger (Maier n.p). Many of the people, therefore, seek refuge in the US. Another reason for the massive immigration into the US was due to the need to raise the living standards. Many of the immigrants considered the US a better living place as it provided more and better-paying jobs. This was not the case in the native countries as job levels were low and poorly paid.

How the immigration changed

The trend of having a massive level of immigration changed after later. The main reason for the abrupt change of the trend is due to the eruption of the world war. Therefore, the US was not considered a safe place for the immigrants to take refuge. The other reason is due to the rising levels of famine in the country. As the war went on, crops and food were destroyed leaving the country with insufficient supply (Hook & Spanier 2018). The country could therefore not support more people from outside. The economic depression after the war made the US an unattractive country for the immigrants. The war lowered the US economic level, and so were the job opportunities diminished.


History has facts right that immigration was high in the US before the world war and lower after the war. The suitable conditions at the beginning must have changed to bad situations. Some of the compelling reasons for the change included the eruption of war as well as the deterioration of the economic situation of the US.

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