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Ramona The Brave By Beverly Cleary

The most specifically engaging scenario of this book for the six-year-old Ramona is the brave heroics that she displays throughout the context. In this context, she is shown as the defendant against her elder sister’s male friends, who used to mock her about her nickname (Plugged In, 2018). Her circumstances surrounding the recovery of her lost shoe that was carried away by a dog, which leads to her teacher describing her bravery, is very engaging while reading the context.

Ramona keeps getting herself into trouble while in class due to her mischievous behaviour, which leads to a belief that, indeed, her teacher does not like her. She destroys her friend Susan’s owl, which is made from paper, which her teacher shows to the rest of the class as the best creativity (Cleary, 1975). This is because Susan allegedly copies Ramona’s owl during the modelling exercise.

The pictorial image displayed on the cover page of the book displays Ramona confronting the dog she meets on her way to school, which later takes away her shoe, which she uses to chase the dog away from her. The story in this context made me develop a personal connection with the main character, Roman, for her bravery, which she displays on several occasions, and also her decisiveness even at her tender age (Plugged In, 2018). Reading this book brings back my childhood experiences, which I can now compare with the character of Ramona as shown in the context. The story brings about happy emotions to me while reading the book as the storyline is apparently amusing, sound and empathic. The activities of Ramona across the entire story are interesting to learn about, for instance, when she hides the progress reports sent home to her parents by Mrs. Griggs, her teacher (Cleary, 1975).

This book should be recommended for reading to junior students and pupils who attend elementary education classes, especially in the first-grade and second-grade levels. The recommended readability age is between eight and twelve years of age.


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