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Race and Ethnicity: A Case of Miami

Politically and demographically, White people are the dominant racial group in the United States of America. However, Miami is a different case. Miami has a total population of 453,579 people. The ethnic breakdown of Miami is 72.6% White (11.9% Non-Hispanic), 19.2% African, 1.0% Asian, 0.3% Native Americans, Hispanic 70% and 5.4% Other race. Miami on another hand is different from the erst part of the country. Miami is a home for foreigners, providing many facilities to all the ethnic groups oh equality people. Discrimination on the basis of race and ethnicity do not prevail in Miami. People living in Miami treated on equality basis. No one gets discriminated. Although Hispniana are the most dominant people in Miami, their interactions with other groups does not consider from which ethnic group they are. Economically and culturally because the highest percentage is related to Hispanic white people, they are most dominant. I completely agree that Miami is post-racial, as there are so many races and ethnicities living together without any dispute. Now if they see someone doing anything to disrespect someone on the basis of race and ethnicity they take serious actions about them. There are so many things that make Miami stand out than other parts of the country like Presence of high urban culture, Small Havana cigar factory along with a large number of universities and colleges. The shopping malls of Miami attracts more and more people towards them. There’s a common saying there “Shop until you drop” which means because of so many varieties and items present in the shopping malls, one could spend every single penny on it still there are a lot of things one would wish to buy. Having a diverse culture in a society or in other words having people from different cultural backgrounds gives people a chance to experience new things.



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