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The prescription of medicine is arguably an ethical and medical question that demands the input of both the psychologists, pharmacists and the public. Also, psychologists argue that the psychology field of medicine does not get the recognition as a medical faculty.

Pharmacies are mostly privately owned and their survival is dependent on doctors prescribing medication. Psychologists also say that, “it’s actually cheaper to prescribe some medication for somebody,” (Mitchell, James, Waterworth, Swann, & Ballard, 2008, p. 549). Other doctors argue that the prescription is due to pressure from the nurses, relatives and to protect other patients from the physical patients. Thus the question on the ethical legitimacy to prescribe medication for these patients.

The administration of drugs in the psychology field of medicine should be considered as part of any regular prescription by doctors. Besides, research in the chemistry of the mind cites need for medication just like any other part of the body (Gutheil, 1982). Citing relationship between the medical fields, psychologists should be allowed to prescribe medication. The prescription of medicine is also aimed at raising the profession, “as a complete mental health provider,” (John & John, 1991, p. 179). In support of the licensing of psychologists to prescribe medicine is the research on the biological aspects in mental health. However, also important is the training that is necessary to ensure competency in the prescription process.

The pharmaceutical industry has made some progressive and remarkable developments in the medical field. However, the industry has also introduced conflicts of interest between psychology and the biology of the human mind. The introduction of medicine that cures mental diseases such as insomnia disregards the psychological study behind the state (Danton, Antonuccio, & Michael, 2003). Thus, the proposal by the authors that there be limits to the psychology field from the pharmacological field in a bid to preserve its integrity.


The psychology field of medicine is faced by challenges and in equal measure is the need for the field to incorporate the science in biology. It is, however, up to the professionals to deliberate on the best way forward; the limits to pharmacology, the ethical issues and the status of the psychologists.



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