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Prostitution Pros and Cons


Prostitution is considered to be one of the oldest profession in the history of mankind. Since ancient times, it is being practiced till now but no one is able to find out the exact date or exact year in which it started. Many attempts have been made in almost every country in the world in order to regulate it but all the attempts have gone into vein and still in majority country of the world it is unregulated profession.

Prostitution is a kind of business in which an individual engages in sexual activities in response to which he/she is offered or paid money. It is also known as commercial sex. It is said to be a criminal activity, and one would be penalized in case he/she is providing prostitution services. Whetherr you are a buyer or seller, you should be penalized.


The prostitution industry is not only profitable but also widespread. It’s not the only crime to have sex in return for gifts or cash; in fact, there are many other crimes that are associated with this profession. Human trafficking is also one of the major issues that are related to this profession (Seo-YoungCho, 2013).

Why is prostitution illegal?

There are two different schools of thought when it comes to prostitution. One says that prostitution is not bad for anyone as it does not make someone a victim; instead, it provides a way to earn money for those who are living hand to mouth. At the same time, the other school of thought says that it is dangerous for the ones who are directly involved in this. One could be involved in unwanted diseases through this, whereas sexual violence is also a major factor, due to which it is considered to be harmful.

Pros of legalizing prostitution

Prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada, United States. There are many pros to legalizing it (Wim Huisman, 2014). Such as:

  1. It would provide the people a way to earn money on a daily basis so that they can support their families.
  2. If this profession become legal, there would be a rapid decrease in the ratio of rapes, human trafficking, and violence against women.
  3. In countries in which this profession is legal, the ratio of sexually transmitted diseases is very low.
  4. Everyone knows that it is a big industry, so by legalizing it, the government can earn a lot of revenue.
  5. The people who are in support of legalizing this profession say that it is just another job. It will create more job opportunities.

Cons of legalizing prostitution

  1. The risk of sexually transmitted diseases is very high through prostitution. Even if the hooker is being checked by the doctor regularly, it can still affect the other person as the infection cannot come in the reports in the first 12 weeks (CHAI YIANG SHIN, 2017).
  2. It is a very dangerous profession as there is no safety for women in this, and many prostitutes get killed in this.
  3. People who are against legalizing this profession say that the money earn form this profession in immoral as you are not any productive work, you are elling your own body against which you are earning money.
  4. Most of the prostitutes do not start this work by themselves; instead, they are forced to do so. So even if this profession is legal, this thing won’t change, and women would be forced to choose this profession.
  5. Legalizing this profession would cause more disability in society as more people would start cheating on their partners.


Prostitution is considered to be one of the oldest professions in this world. It has many types, but still, the question is whether it should be legalized or not. Despite being legal in many countries, the debate on legalizing this profession in other countries has never come to an end because it has many positive and negative sides, and there are many crimes associated with this profession.


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