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Pros of Migration to both the native and foreign nations

With the intention of settling in other regions, people often migrate from one place to another. These places include local, foreign, or regional. People migrate from place to place searching for a settlement because of certain problems. The phenomena of migration encompasses various dimensions and situations. It included worsening circumstances at home, both socially and economically. It also includes escape from persecution, or those seeking political or religious refuge. War-torn areas also gave way for the people to migrate to the place where they could find peace.  The migration could be in the form of an individual, family, or group.

Movements from one place to another for the purpose of permanent or temporary settlement allow people to escape from one another and enjoy the interaction of other cultures. As the immigrants entered into a state they brought new ideas and cultures to the foreign land. Other than states, it is also possible in other regions. The interaction and cultural exchanges could also provide a way for the states to have friendly talks. Those states could enjoy and expand relations with each other, which might reach heights and which could benefit people of other regions respectively. They also came up with new ideas and new inventions for the locals.

Foreigners are always submissive to the locals. Those who travel to another state or region for the sole purpose of a job or earning must have skills or expertise in their subject. They could provide financial benefits and labor work to the local people. Those from devastating states or regions are mostly faithful as they need to earn income and live peacefully. In such circumstances, people across borders always benefit the locals and hosting states.

Other than these fruits of the immigrants, people who moved from their native places to others gave various benefits to their native states. They sent their earning to the home and enhanced the stock exchanges and national income. This will automatically lessen the burden on their home state. They also provide their homeland to expand international cooperation and support to the other destructive parts of the world. Giving the young people of their native states a brilliant chance to explore new avenues and enhance their lifestyle, they gave up their time, energy, and resources to the host nation.

However, regardless of these immigrants’ services, they have certain disadvantages to their local nations. A highly trained class of people worked abroad and it could cause a loss to the nation’s income because of their unavailability. The working class of society is thus deprived of trained and professional people. For example, some states have serious problems with professional managers who might run the businesses of different multinational companies and corporations. Loss in foreign investment could be the result of a situation like the unavailability of professionals in the state. In the same way, migrated people are often burdened by the host state. The facilities and resources could be exploited if foreign people could not be managed systematically.

In short, the immigration community has the potential to share all the advantages with nations of both states. Under the prevailing circumstances, developed nations are gaining much from these migrated people. It is then imminent that the system of immigration should be characterized by systematic changes, which might be fruitful to all. The needs and demands of these foreign nationals should be met with full cooperation and coordination. That could be the way to get more from the expatriates.


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