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Professional Capstone and Practicum Reflective Journal-4

As a baccalaureate-prepared nurse along with the consultation of my professional preceptor, the knowledge and practical experiences of the past weeks have enabled me to overcome the challenges and complexities within the urgent care setting. Therefore, my practical experience dealing with Covid patients has sharpened my professional and leadership skills. This week, I got an opportunity to reflect on ethical considerations in healthcare.

Professional Practices

Driven by the need to manage and prevent Covid in the urgent care facility through the preceptorship training program, I was able to adopt evidence-based practices that prevent Covid spread, boost patient safety, and deliver quality care (Kelly, 2022). During the practicum, my preceptor has prepared me to interact with clinical health systems such as automated dispensing systems, electronic health records, etc., for the management and prevention of Covid in the urgent care setting.

Personal Strengths/Weaknesses

The personal strength I have realized in myself was strong empathy skill that has provided me the opportunity to provide optimal care to my Covid patients in the urgent care setting.


As a nurse in the urgent Covid care facility, I have developed strong leadership skills among my peers through effective communication. I communicated with other health professionals, discussed procedures and SOPs related to Covid, and suggested methods of care, prevention, and management of the Coronavirus spread.

Inquiry into Current Practices

The inquiry into current Covid practices in the urgent care setting for this week involved the contexts and conditions for the nursing staff working in a high-risk environment. Cooperative practices within the organization I have worked in and international hygiene practices during Covid provided me the opportunity to delve into methodological frameworks and approaches. This inquiry has extended the integrative capacity of healthcare narratives, trends, and practices so I took actions to prevent and manage Covid effectively.

Additional Resources

Resources such as technology and research journals were used to obtain information regarding the effectiveness of preceptorship training programs from international healthcare organizations. Accessing these resources helped me, other nurse practitioners, and preceptors enhanced the information as well as increased the provision of quality care (Wozar and Worona, 2003).

Ethical Considerations in Healthcare

Ethical considerations in urgent Covid care settings are essential. Preceptors and nurses often struggle with the ethical culture and climate of the healthcare institutions related to patient care (Ulrich et al, 2010). As a nurse, I realized the importance of ethical practices this week including valuing the patients’ beliefs, respecting the patient’s choices, and acting in the best interests of the patients. My preceptor has provided me the insight into the ethical consideration within healthcare that preceptors and nurses must make good decisions, keep values and laws, and recognize healthcare dilemmas.


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Kelly, D. E. (2022). Initiation of a New Nurse Preceptor Program in the Era of COVID-19. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 53(5), 221-224.



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