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preserving the favourable reputation of nurses as professionals

The professional image of nurses is critically important for seeking respect and attracting literate personnel towards the field. Nursing is a complex and multifaceted profession. It is not easy to broadcast its intricacies in a cursory manner such as on TV. Stereotypes often arise of mystery. Negative stereotyping can adversely impact the nursing profession. It can result in regulatory changes, healthcare cutbacks, and nursing shortages. It damages the public imagery of the profession of nursing because portrayals shape public attitudes and actions. Such incomplete and inaccurate depictions of the profession can overshadow the real skills that nurses possess.

Efforts must be made to address the adverse impacts of these negative stereotypes. First of all, the mindset must be changed. Nurses have a range of imagery in the minds of the patients, i.e., from a merciful angle to a sexual stereotype from a work of fiction (Calvo, 2014). The Center for Nursing Advocacy was founded in 2001. It focuses on improving the portrayal of nurses in the media. Additionally, the face of nursing plays an important role in developing its image in public. Nursing has an overwhelmingly female face. Therefore, attracting more men towards the profession is currently difficult. This can be resolved by running campaigns and targeting recruitment (Johnson and Johnson Nursing Campaign). Male nurses will become mentors and role models for others. Thus, more and more men will look at the nursing profession as a career choice.

Furthermore, serious steps must be taken to address negative stereotypes in the media. For instance, nurses must act professionally 24/7 without exception. It is an effort of behaviour outside the workplace which will support positive imagery of the profession in the media. Similarly, more and more nursing accomplishments must be posted, circulated, and advertised on the media. Ongoing announcements can be made in the local newspapers as well.


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