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Practicum Reflection- Covid Management and Prevention

During the 2nd week, Preceptor and I had a great conversation about different possible topics for the change project and how we can develop new professional practices and approaches that can devise new solutions for different areas of nursing practice. After careful consideration to address different issues in healthcare, I have narrowed down Management and Prevention of Covid as a potential topic for my change project. I have selected this topic for this week’s reflective journal entry because it is talk about the town of the healthcare field in the United States.

Professional Practices

After discussing the topic with my preceptor for potentially developing professional practices, she assisted me with these approaches and practices including searching for novel and potential solutions to healthcare-related issues. She taught me what needs to be done to manage and prevent the potential threats of Coronavirus and how to search for proper evidence-based practices. Professional practices in the field of nursing play their role in universal access to healthcare as well as in the defense of life (David et al, 2020).

Personal Strengths/Weaknesses

I realized while working with my preceptor that I have the ability to work for hours and still maintain a positive attitude which has proven to be a crucial strength for me as a nurse. The preventable weakness I have realized in myself and my preceptor assisted me potentially to work on that is spending too long on paperwork. She taught me the basics of filling in basic vital signs details which I could not able to do before because of a lack of clinical experience.


In the past week, my biggest weakness might be lack of experience however I overcame it as my effective communication skills stood out among my co-workers. I would say that top-notch communication skills, vigilance, responsibility, attention to detail, and dedication to nursing have shaped and polished my leadership skills.

Inquiry into Current Practices

Current nursing practices such as respiratory monitoring, medication administration, vital signs management, viral infection protection, and environmental management will be inquired for documenting management and prevention measures of Covid.

Additional Resources

I have evaluated within the hospital that technological interventions must be introduced for effective clinical practice for the preceptors as well as new nurse practitioners. Nurses should know the usage of computers, barcode readers for medication, and journal publishing platforms for reviewing peer-reviewed articles and novel interventions regarding Covid in the field of nursing.

Inter-professional Collaboration

Deficiency in inter-professional collaboration among healthcare providers leads to negative patient outcomes and impacts the provision of healthcare (Martin et al, 2010). My preceptor instructed me on the importance of interpersonal collaboration and we worked with multiple healthcare providers from different professional backgrounds to deliver high-quality care. This strategy has helped me to work closely with market professionals as well as patients and their families and we were able to deliver better patient outcomes this week from a team-based perspective.


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