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“Poverty and Famines” Article Analysis

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Commentary Post

In his essay “Poverty and Famines”, Amartya Sen declared that the cause of death in famine-stricken countries is not due to lack of food but due to unequal distribution of resources. This point of view was well received by the experts and in their research paper, Chris Hoy and Andy Summer raised the question that if the same can be applied to global poverty. Their concerns were that the national resources were available but not being used to end poverty. If the resources were distributed equally across the globe, there would be no class system. Everyone would have the same opportunities and quality of life (Hoy & Sumner, 2016).

Inequality is thought to be the biggest culprit in Global Poverty, so this theory is plausible that if the resources are distributed equally, approximately three-quarters of global poverty will be eliminated. This means that the people that are living below the poverty line will be able to improve their lives and this will be a huge step forward in efforts to eradicate global poverty. To make this theory a reality, it will be extremely important to plan the distribution of the national funds strategically. Allocation of tax money in creating new jobs for the unemployed and improving the situation of homeless people would have to become a priority. Unfortunately, lack of resources is putting more and more people on the streets instead of reducing the number of homeless people. Tax laws need to be revised and the elite class should be held accountable for tax evasion. Tax evasion by the privileged is the biggest form of inequality as the rich stay rich and the less privileged struggle to make ends meet.

Policies should be made to create more job opportunities so that the unemployment rates can be reduced. The minimum wage should be revised as inflation is on the rise and in many countries the pay does not even cover the living expense. Many countries now have the resources and the financial capacity to eradicate the lower poverty line and increase their economic growth. The only thing that is stopping them is poor budget planning and investing in already flourishing departments rather than in improving the quality of life of the general public. Every country should put in the individual effort to improve their people’s quality of life and reduce poverty. The age of the internet has brought many opportunities for people to grow their businesses. Government should encourage these small businesses as these bring new financial growth every year, taking many people out of poverty and into a stable living situation. Fighting global poverty is finally within our grasp and if everyone takes the initiative, it can become a reality.

Discussion Post

The topic of discussion, I chose is the article “Anti-Mask Parents are Protesting at School Board Meetings Nationwide” by Lexi Mcmenamin. This article concerns me because the parents that are against wearing masks are putting everyone at risk. Covid-19 has not been completely eradicated and the new Delta variant is causing further concern. Anti-mask parents much as anti-vax parents may cause a widespread of the virus once again. Mcmenamin reports that 90% of Democrats and 44% of Republicans support wearing masks. This debate is further causing racial tension at school board meetings (Mcmenamin, 2021). The article presents statistics from different states to present the number of anti-mask parents. However, other than reporting on the situation, the author does not offer any solution of it. We know that there are anti-mask parents and racial tension all across. It is more of a sensational piece than actual journalism. This article raises more questions in the minds of the readers but offers no helpful insight. It feels incomplete without the solution.


Hoy, C., & Sumner, A. (2016). Global Poverty and Inequality: Is There New Capacity for Redistribution in Developing Countries? Journal of Globalization and Development, 7(1), 117–157.

Mcmenamin, L. (2021, August 25). Chaos Is Breaking Out at School Board Meetings Over Masks. Teen Vogue.



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