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Political Change in Texas as Democrats Rise to Power

Texas political culture is characterized by economic liberalism-faith in the free market and high economic disparity between the rich and the poor. Government taxation is discouraged by the people. They also tend to demand fewer services from the government in return. According to Blakeslee, Texas has been characterized by limited environmental regulation, high population growth and immigration over the years (1-2). The massive growth of railroads, advanced irrigation systems, and barbed wire in land ownership has made the state very prosperous. Income tax increase is political suicide in Texas and is avoided by all politicians. Complexity and diversity in culture combined with the religious diversity and regional differences ensure that voting patterns in Texas are unique and will not change soon (Blakeslee, 1).

Agriculture and livestock committees:

The committee has jurisdiction over agricultural activities such as horticultural production, farm husbandry, and livestock industry. The purpose of this committee involves the determination of crop production laws and incentives that can help production increase and boost profitability (Blakeslee 2). Livestock production especially breeding in line with the advancement of veterinary activities is important for farmers. The planting of trees and regulation of harvesting is under the direction this committee and passing of forests conservation and utilization laws. Its jurisdiction includes lumbering and maintenance of forests to avoid deforestation and also maintain the forest cover in the county. The lumbering businesses should be protected from excessive taxes and the federal government should not interfere with the operation of forest management in Texas.

Citizens should be allowed to access county funds for business enterprises, access to health and education in the rural areas in the rural area should be funded by other remains rather than continued taxes on other businesses and the county government. It is the role of the committee to provide direction on agricultural policies especially in the encouragement of using better technologies to turn farming into a business (Samuels, 1). Fire protection by maintaining firefighting in the forests and the Texas wild environment and the Texas apiary inspection compact will facilitate production of honey and related products for the purpose of exporting the product outside the United States. It has oversight over the food and fibers research council regulated to facilitate advancement in this area food production, Texas veterinary, Texas wildlife services should be regulated using appropriate laws and also ensure they get necessary funding that will be used to improve the livestock production

With a background in agribusiness management and having worked in the federal government in the finance docket am well placed to advise the committee bin the aspect of agribusiness financing and also in the regulation of agricultural activities from my experience in the agriculture sector as an n agribusiness consultant.

Business and industry committee:

Have jurisdiction on matters concerning industry and manufacturing to monitor and recommend improvements in the manufacturing of automobiles, Ensures Industrial safety and regulations of industrial conditions by monitoring activities and passing relevant laws in making the industrial workplace safer for both the employees and the community (Grissom,2). Helps in resolving conflicts between workers and employees through collective bargaining, wages determination, hours through appropriate legislation to ensure employees are paid a fair wage and are not exploited.

Empowered trade unions by passing favorable legislation to give them the power to bargain on behalf of the people without undermining business profitability. Regulation of business transactions especially in the issuance of permits and certifications and organization, incorporation, and management of the business to ensure that appropriate laws are there to ensure that companies are not overly taxed by the government and ensure that the will help the functioning of this business in a profitable manner( Podhkul,1-2,). Consumer protection and government regulation to ensure that relevant laws are passed to protect how consumers of various goods are protected by the state laws. Protection of privacy and identity theft by passing laws that will protect the royal right and copyrights in the business of research and innovations. As explained by Samuels, Regulation of homeowners association to reduce taxations on the rent and lease of land is land ownership (2). Oversight in the construction industry to help minimize the costs of the building. Oversee the following agencies: Risk management office, insurance office of hurt employee’s council, Texas mutual insurance company board of directors

My deep understanding of the business activities as awe known businessman will be a positive contribution to this committee being well aware of the challenges that most of the business people face due to heavy taxation proposals. Business information should be made readily available to all the players in the sector and provision of finances and risk management be done adequately by establishing necessary regulations in line with the government policy and the policies of my party

Environmental Regulation Committee:

The committee monitors Air, land and water pollution and regulation of industrial development. With the agricultural and manufacturing activities, businesses should be closely monitored to see that they comply with environmental regulation aspects.

Regulation of waste disposal and environmental matters under the department of health service. It has oversight of the environmental regulation and the radioactive waste disposal.

Environmental issues are at the forefront of our party agenda especially with the current climate change and are a passionate issue that is urgent and necessary. Being engaged in the petroleum industry concern for environmental regulation that will not harm the industries is to be undertaken.

Agriculture and business affect the environment adversely when they pollute the surrounding area.

Having been involved in aerospace and aviation there is need to address the environmental issue to help improve these industries will little negative impact on the environment

Service and connection with voters

Connection with voter will be using Facebook and d twitter to keep my voters ware of the activities, policies, and concerns addressed in the house. Create a blog that will be used to attract more voters from Dallas to be used as an apolitical forum to gain the confidence of my constituents. Frequent media appearances with positive news on issues affecting the people and making sure bi table bills in the house to address these concerns. Make frequent public appearances will also help to make voters relate to me in preparation for the next general election.

Getting Political mileage:

Social conservation and traditional values, moralism is the main traits of this county and political mileage should be strategic. Low government intervention is advised for political mileage, promoting the worthiness and rights of ordinary people. The issue of land in Dallas is if great t importance a should be addressed by advocating for the reduction in land taxation that was recent to provide education financing. Education should be funded by the federal government and Texas should push for partnership with the federal government for this purpose. Take advantage of real estate prices that are at the boom. The Texas water planning board solved the east Texas government. Marvin Nichols reservoir is left to farmers and lumbering companies. Create a website other than the well-known one and aggressively encourage the voters to access it for solutions. Continue using the campaign team platform to continue advocating for the delivery of the political promises to those who voted for me. Regularly visit the grassroots social, educational am economical prevents to remain in touch with the voters and ensure they do not forget me.

How to stand out politically

All my salary and benefits will be used in financing education and will also advocate for support by the fundraising to help create awareness on the need for environmental conservation. The community can access funds for voter education to improve voter turnout especially among the poor so that they can be heard through voting instead of resigning to let the rich lead.


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