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The principles or methods to identify or examine the implementation of a specific policy are termed policy evaluation. It’s an activity through which one develops an understanding of the worth, utility, and merits of a policy. It plays a crucial role in the policy process. In order to get better knowledge about the organization and whether it is working according to the plan or not, one should view the implemented strategies in the organization. Evaluation comes in after the policy is implemented in an organization or institution. It provides information on whether or not to change the implemented policy in the organization. Policy evaluation mainly focuses on evaluating the results coming from the implemented policies, whether they are going in the right direction, whether they are producing the results that we desire, and how many resources have been deployed in this policy implementation. There are two dimensions of policy evaluations: one is evaluating the results coming from the policy, and another one is related to the goals on which the policy has been implemented. In the modern world, evaluation can be seen as a technique that is used to alter culture and behavior rather than system and organizational mechanisms. The core of an evaluation is focused on people rather than on policies or systems. It is important to evaluate the policies implemented in an organization from time to time.

Rowan University Policies

Out of many policies of Rowan University, some of them are related to Information protection, Proprietary Information, and Personally identifiable information. By looking at the applicability of the policies, all policies are applied to the faculty members, students, janitors, and all those bodies that are closely linked with the university. The main purpose of this policy is to secure the Rowan University network and information. All those who have access to the university computers must keep the information to themselves. Sensitive information should not be disclosed, which is one of the major contents of the information security policy. The university made sure that students, alumni, and faculty members would keep up the university mission by adhering to the rules and regulations of the policy. In case of breach of the policy rules and regulations, whoever does so, serious actions would be taken against him. Reporting of a misconduct entirely depends on who’s reporting, if something according to you is suspicious in the campus one should report for it, the decision will be based on the basis of facts and figures (“Information Security Policy”).

Personal Identifiable policy of Rowan University explains the information that is provided to the university is correct and authentic, no use of personal information would be done which is against the university policies. Personal information (PI) policy explains the information of the student that contains his First or last name associated with License number, social security number, or biometric records. The policy made sure that personal information, if it contained some sensitive information, would not be disclosed and that it would remain in the university’s database (“Breach notification policy”). PII (Personal Identifiable Information) contains the information that could be used to differentiate or locate an individual’s identity, such as social security number, name, alone or when combined with other personal information or Recognize information which is associated or non-associated to other a particular individual such as time or birth date (“Breach notification policy”).

In Case of Policy Failure

The impact of policy would be negative on Rowan University if a single element of policy were breached. If the social security number or the driver’s license numbers provided by the student do not match or, in other words, are wrong, it will directly hit the image of the university. Stakeholders play an important role in keeping up the organization. It involves students, alumni, teachers, visiting faculty, etc.. A breach of a policy would obviously pose a bad image of the university in public.

In case of disclosing sensitive information by a student, a faculty member, or anyone who has access to the computers in the university, serious actions would be taken against him or her by the committee, whose sole purpose is to maintain the security of the university. In the case of a student, he or she will get expelled and will be made sure that he or she will not be able to get admission to any university. Evaluation comes in after the policy is implemented in an organization or institution. It provides information on whether or not to change the implemented policy in the organization. If any policy being implemented in the university is not producing the results that are desired or on which that particular policy has formed, it will result in changing the policy and implementing a new one.

The first and foremost recommendation for the university is to secure the computers in such a way that any information that is sensitive and important can only be accessed with the permission of top management. The second recommendation would be to ask the students, alumni, or faculty members for their suggestions related to how the university should work and what things they want to be done in the university. Secure the database with highly protected software.


It is essential to evaluate the policies implemented in the organization from time to time. Its results provide a better understanding of the goals or objectives of the policies that have been implemented. Through continuous evaluation, a lot of small issues can be resolved. If not, then these issues will end up terminating the policy.

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