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Police Misuse of Fatal Force


In my essay, I will focus on psychosis in the discussion of the way the police misuse their power causing a lot of the killings and in particular I will reflect in the USA. It is very true that any given officer who will be in a position of shooting someone will be typically undergoing some physiological way of evaluation. Police killing is the very cruel thing to put on the table for discussion and it supposed to be taken under heavy weight. Since police force is endorsed for the purpose of serving the nation and its citizen, misuse of this power will lead to great negative impact and it will draw the attention to concern. It is very true that in the USA, there is no anybody who chronicle is given any mandate for usage of the police force given for the purpose of killing people. There are so many people who are killed in the process of the police scene and this mostly happens when there is a confrontation between the police and the citizen. This can act in the process political issues or even the power division in the country. It has been noted that this has affected the psychosis of the citizen of the country. Many of the innocent citizens have lost their lives during the period of time-based on the fact that the police have changed their role from being a police to a kind of the police terror attacks in most parts of the USA. This is well recorded in daily news of USA articles and news televisions (CNN). in this case, the police officers are the regarded as the good train for the instant occasions and the decision that make may make a great impact on the life of the mere citizens. For instance, in just a week, Cincinnati suburb records a teen that was just shot dead by the police officer just by the reckless opening of fire gun. Just as USA, community, and society there is much of the lenient way of handling those who apply there accessing power in police case at the expense of the mere USA citizens.

The concern in police force misuse

There are some scholar who are keenly dealing and against the actions of police in this case and to mention but a few, Brigitt Keller brings the sense of the police who misuse their forces not taken required measures to cater for this loss of the life just in the innocent citizen. The department of the police accountability and investigation is putting some strategies in place to make sure that any police officer who caught, in this case, is taken in accountability and tough measures are taken over him. In this case, Ohio is considered to require no form of the investigation for any given police officer shooting the citizens without lawful reason.

Measures were taken for the prevention of misuse of power by police

It has been established that the government is extending the hand to make sure that the personnel under which the police is working for or the order for killing is highly followed and made sure that the individuals who are involved in this killing are put under the court for answering of the case files. The standards of the nation are the core way for the people service and the following of the rights can be determined by making sure that there are the strategic ways of administration made in the country for smooth progress. The standards give the Conner stone for the development of the country and without them, there will be a lot of the difficulties in finding which is reliable data information for the reports of the cases under which the police misuse of power that they are given for the protection of the USA citizen. There are publications which were given in the USA news today in the reflection of the 2001 international organ for the police association act which covers and limits the forces which are given to the police in the United States of America. Individuals such as the causes of the police misuse of the force

Impacts of police misuse of force

Thomas Aveni has given a clear information that the police have shown a lot of the prosecution when it comes to the defense mechanisms which has to lead to a lot of the deadly shootings and the civil ways of the trails. It has been known that most of the police bring a lot of the killing in the name of the errors in making a judgment on who they are supposed to shoot and in the process they end up shooting innocent citizens. This has disturbed the living way of the people in particular in the USA. A lot of fear and suspicious has been observed during the time when the police are on the operations. In this particular way, many people have developed and sense of thinking that police are intending to kill people whenever they get the chance to apply their force. Police are seen as the killers has brought the gap between then and the citizen whom they are supposed to be serving and this has brought of the disturbance and confusion in the country. The models of the country are the center path for the general population benefit and the accompanying of the rights can be dictated by ensuring that there are the key methods for organization gained in the nation for smooth ground. The principles give the Conner stone for the advancement of the nation and without them; there will be a ton of the troubles in discovering solid information data for the reports of the cases under which the police abuse the power that they are given for the security of the USA native. There are distributions which were given in the USA news today in the impression of the 2001 worldwide organ for the police affiliation act which covers and constrains the powers which are given to the police in the assembled conditions of America. People, for example, the Thomas Aveni has given an unmistakable data that the police have demonstrated a great deal of the indictment with regards to the barrier instruments which has prompt a considerable measure of the savage shootings and the common methods for the trails. It has been realized that the vast majority of the police get a great deal of the murdering the name of the blunders in making a judgment on their identity expected to shoot and in the process they wind up shooting blameless residents. This has exasperated the living method for the general population specifically in the USA.


A considerable measure of dread and suspicious has been seen amid the time when the police are on the activities. In this specific way numerous individuals have created and feeling of reasoning that police are expecting to murder individuals at whatever point they find the opportunity to apply their power. Police being viewed as the executioners have brought hole amongst at that point and the resident whom they should serve and this has brought of the unsettling influence and perplexity in the nation. It has turned into a sort of the marathon and look for the police of the amusement in the middle of the police and the native since the resident are not in a position to meet or have the spare table with the police compel. It has become a kind of the marathon and seeks king of the game in between the police and the citizen since the citizen is not in a position to meet or have the same table with the police force.



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