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Poison Control Essay

Attendance of Lecture talks about Poison Control

The lecture discussed the poison control topics. Thus, I attended the lecture talk to gain knowledge about the topics. The presentation focused on the poison disease statistics, the causes and preventive measures of the disease.

  1. Lessons Learnt from the Poison Control Presentation

I learnt the causes of poison for the people ranging in different ages. Thus, you have to understand the causes of poison in order to control it. The presentation gave insights on what contributes to toddlers, children under six years and adults poisoning. Therefore, I learned some essential prevention tips that could help in eliminating poison menace. Also, I learned the medications and drugs that are involved in poison and how to help others avoid them. Thus, the presentation objective was to give insights poison control which I effectively learned.

  1. Use of Experience in Future

As a healthcare professional, I will use the information to help the healthcare patients to avoid the poison menace. Also, I will use the lesson learnt in future to address the poison challenges by effectively exploring and identifying the cause of poisoning. Also, the information obtained will enable me in future to promote and advocate health living, prevent poison-related diseases and deliver health services to patients suffering from the poison disease.

  1. Importance of the Activity to 2020 Healthy People Goals

One of the goals of 2020 healthy people goals is to achieve healthy lives free from preventable diseases, injury, and deaths. Poisoning disease is preventable disease and activity has enabled me to understand the cause and prevent measures that should be taken to eliminate this disease. Therefore, the activity has I helped me meet one of the objectives of the 2020 healthy people goals.



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