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For a healthier society, information is critical and quality health care is a societal necessity. Better and quality health care is a necessity to society. Managing to build a healthy society has significant economic benefits. Considering, health issues are a pertinent concern for everyone, and sometimes there is a lack of information to understand our wellness and even share with the community regarding our experience. The establishment of a podcast helps to keep health information up to date providing patients with a particular medical condition to learn from their experience. One thing to acknowledge while establishing a resourceful podcast is that it is a challenging task to incorporate all the information, and evaluate the evidence-based practice guidelines supposed as effective in the age of medical advancements (Simmonds, Wallis, & Main, 2017).

Podcasts on health education offer a platform to conveniently access information especially when we have a short time to go through reading professional literature. Podcasts are providing a new avenue for nursing and health in the wake of technology. The podcast has made available health information on a myriad of health issues and is particularly developed and designed specifically for nurses. In addition, there are also other general issues of health and medicine.

In regards to the availability of information for the nurses and the integration of technology is very significant. Podcasts solely rely on digital audio technology, and with the recent emergence of mobile devices and smartphones, podcasts have exploded in regards to its popularity. It has become instrumental in developing healthcare information technology.


CRITERIA 1 2 3 4 5
1. AuthoritY:

•Author(s) name documented.

•Author(s) credentials and experience documented.

•Author(s) contact information documented.

•URL indicates a reliable and reputable agency.

The authors who have submitted their podcasts avail avenues they have the potential to improve health-care and safety to patients enabling consumers and clinical decision-making, support health-care at the communal level and even at home effectively, and majorly enhance the public health sector which in most cases is associated with lack of quality and ineffectiveness.
CRITERIA 1 2 3 4 5

•Purpose of Web source clearly documented.

•Intended audience (Laypersons or professionals?) identified.

•Information presented is based on the evidence or is it opinion?

•Web source is free of bias.

For any sector to become effective and ensure a quality of services, the development, and formulation of policies is a must to do. Thus as the industry works towards the improvement of the healthcare sector health policy analyst are needed to bridge the gap and analyze the effects of policies directed to the health sector. The future of taking up health information in podcasts is no doubt to be rewarding and surety of competition.
CRITERIA 1 2 3 4 5
3. ACCURACY and currency:

•Facts or evidence have been well-researched.

•Information correlates with other related sites or publications.

•Creation date and revision dates are documented.

•Information is evidence-based and focuses on best practices.

Healthcare facilities and other stakeholders are looking for ways to cut-cost on operations and at the same time provide quality services. Proper management is therefore required in service delivery. To facilitate effective management, medical and health service managers are required for conducting and administering fiscal operations, which include budget planning and accounting. They need also to authorize expenditures and determine rates for services and finally produce financial reports.
CRITERIA 1 2 3 4 5
4. usability and presentation:

•Web source is logically organized and easy to maneuver through.

•Content is easily readable by the intended audience.

•Audio is sufficient to clearly hear a presentation.

•No grammar, spelling or punctuation errors in the text.

•Spoken word is clearly articulated and language-appropriate.

*Images, pictures, and graphics match spoken word and text.

*Timing of images, pictures, and graphics correlate with audio.

The language used in the podcast is easy to understand. It has given a platform for nurses to share their diverse practices in healthcare and nursing by allowing a universal approach where a podcast can be created in any language. To make the information to be accessible and comprehended by everyone, the podcasts can be customized to the English language.


CRITERIA 1 2 3 4 5
5. engagement:

•Clearly communicated content and concepts.

•Utilized a variety of teaching strategies for adult learners.

•Encouraged me to ask questions of myself (Self-reflection).

•encouraged me to have a dialogue with student peers and nurses in practice.

Personal lifestyle and behaviors largely contribute to the health status of an individual. In the United States, there has been a surge in cases of lifestyle health-related complications obesity which are attributed to poor eating habits and living an unhealthy life. This spending is actually unnecessary as it could be avoided saving the government the trouble to spend that cash. Again lack of physical exercise contributes to health risks to an individual which eventually causes them to spend a lot of money to regain their health.
CRITERIA 1 2 3 4 5

•Promoted analysis of the integrity of this Web source and others in the future.

•Promoted clinical reasoning through the integration of technology and content.

•Encouraged application of Web sources to nursing practice.

The podcast has a way of to relate patients of all kinds by availing information on health experiences; also the incorporation of nurses to share their experiences in treating medical conditions has really helped in building the popularity and significance of the podcast. The web sources are easily accessible for all nursing students seeking information from EBP.

Podcast Assessment

Would you recommend this Podcast to your peers, other healthcare providers, or patients? Why or why not?

The podcast contains a piece of information and for that reason, I would recommend it anyway, especially for nursing students. It is in recognition of the millennial generation that we have come to appreciate technological advancement. Considerably, the integration of technology in education has led to the obtainment of information conveniently (Ter Maten-Speksnijder et al., 2014). Advancement of technology continues to affect social, economic, and political aspects and shape the future, namely the health and social sector. It has become a human tool for development. Healthcare sector has seen tremendous changes due to technology as service delivery is enhanced. However, health experts warn their individuals are exposed to the risks of deriving wrong information from self-diagnosis which is highly discouraged as it could lead to health complications (Tabish & Syed, 2015). The internet lacks control of information as the sites could recommend the wrong medications. However, due to the advancement of technology, it is equally unsure to be sure of what will eventually as the field is met with a flood of innovations. One thing for sure is that the advances will affect the cost and quality of services with much projection on an improvement of the latter.

The use of podcasts will help as a tool of educational delivery and its flexible nature and its acceptance by the generation. One reason that makes me recommend the podcast is that technology proves to be the future for medicine and healthcare improvement. Better understanding and precise diagnosis of health issues have been facilitated by technology (Tabish & Syed, 2015). Leveraging the available technology i.e. telemedicine, health information technology, mobile, and smartphone capabilities, and holds the key to success in the healthcare industry. Health care, mainly, is a sensitive and very personal issue. Doctors with their patients and other healthcare stakeholders develop and maintain strong long-term relationships which are trust-based.

How would you integrate the Podcast information into your own nursing practice? Describe at least two ways that the Podcast is relevant to your nursing practice.

Integration with telemedicine:

Telemedicine and information technology have been identified to hold the roadmap towards the provision of better quality health care and safety. For unlock the full potential of technology in the medical a skilled workforce is required to provide great job opportunities. Most importantly, the medical records mainly for patients need to be kept and managed securely (Tabish & Syed, 2015).

Consultation services for patients:

Healthcare facilities will be increasingly consultancy services from health information technology firms to provide the best methods to acquire in ensuring health records. Again, the need for health care to disseminate the necessary health information to the public necessitates the need for consultancy services. The potential for job opportunities courtesy of information technology is enormous and the demand for professionals in the IT sector will continue to increase again the rewards are worth it.

Health communication and health information technology are used in improving the population outcomes of health and quality to ensure health equity in society. These two major aspects are central to health care and how it is viewed in society (Boyko & Bryant, 2016). Professionals in health care utilize these platforms to better understand the sector which later helps them in making better and necessary decisions. Through an integration of technology and communication in health care, there is an assurance to deliver accurate, precise, accessible, and meaningful information. Effectiveness in using health communication and health technology by the professionals in health care, the age of patient and health records, and easier accessibility of health information and services. In addition, exploiting these avenues they have the potential to improve health-care and safety for patients, enable consumers and clinical decision-making, support health care at the communal level and even at homes effectively, and majorly enhance the public health sector which in most cases is associated with lack of quality and ineffectiveness.


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Ter Maten-Speksnijder, A., et al. (2014) A literature review of the Dutch debate on the nurse practitioner role: efficiency vs. professional development. International Nursing Review, 61 (1), 44–54.



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