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Places in the Heart movie by Robert Benton

The movie “Places in the Heart” was directed by Robert Benton during a trip to his hometown, Texas, Waxahachie, where his family has lived for four generations. The story of the movie is all about a courageous widow, her extended family, and their struggle for survival during hard times. The evocative cinematography of Nestor Almendros captures and conveys the abiding beauty and simplicity of rural life in a small community.

I’d say that seeing Edna’s Husband and his killer was just as shocking as was watching them die in the opening of the film. In both cases I don’t expect what I see but the film is making a definite point opening and closing the film with those two characters. What i got from the first time of watching this is that nothing is absolute. Suffering and pain aren’t indefinite just as happiness is. This principle is echoed in each of the characters in this film most notably in Mr. Will’s case. He has known nothing but suffering since his injury, something that is apparent after his initial conversation with Edna. Through his time on the farm he acquires a relationship so close to Moze that he would risk his life for it. There is a similar progression with Moze. He comes to the farm after being out of work and discriminated against his whole life and finds solace and joy. Moze unfortunately finds out that just like the bad, good doesn’t last forever. He has to leave town after getting beaten by white supremacists. You must enjoy what is good while it lasts and endure that bad because everything is subject to change at an instants notice. You must be ready to ride whatever wave life sends you. To connect this ideal back to the class, you must have faith that the good times will follow bad ones, but acknowledge nothing lasts forever.



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