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Pierre David Guetta, the famous French songwriter

Pierre David Guetta is one of the famous French DJs, songwriters and record producers of his first hit songs inclusive of Just a Little More Love in 2001-2003 and 2009 one love album that included the famous hit song entitled When Love Takes Over. Guetta has a record sale of 30 million singles all over the world. Though not the founder, he is one of the pioneers of electronic dance music. In Europe, his many shows have been hailed as the best making the audience dance until the morning. David Guetta is known for his famous collaboration with famous worldwide artists including Nicki Minaj, EDM Colleagues Afrojack, and the likes of Justin Bieber just but a few. He was born to fame with the Ultra Festival in his many European festivals. Such festivals are places no one would wish to miss thus definitely coming back.

In Guetta’s shows, Pierre David Guetta performs with vigour, patronizing his fans all over the attending audience, who enjoy the music to the fullest. Most of Pierre David  Guetta’s songs relay his feelings thus emotionally attached. People are easily attached to artists talking about real life and not only possible worlds. Though 50 years old, David Guetta is the longest-working DJ who can compete even with the young and upcoming DJs.

Many adore his social activities with an example of his launching in 2016 the European Football Championship that was slated in France. His passion for what he does is the source of his fame, with DJ tasks making him one of the top-paid DJs, worth $63 million. He often practices disc jockeying in his surroundings, surrounded by sound mixers. Relaxing is one of the rare words in his life, and he takes his skills and work seriously.

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