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PEST Analysis of UNISON

UNISON is a trade union that has many members within Europe. The organization has been in existence for a long duration, helping people with the information they need in certain fields. The organization is currently involved in looking at the ways that can be used to prevent the exploitation of migrant workers in different fields. This is an attempt to provide similar working conditions for the migrant workers. Analysis of the organization proves that there are many ways in which the company has been benefiting the members as well as other people who benefit indirectly from the research they carry out.

Purpose and benefit of PEST analysis

PEST analysis is an important factor in any economic situation. The main purpose of carrying out this type of analysis is to come up with viable and new ways that can help workers fit within the ecosystem. Times are always changing, and for this reason, it is always important to create a system where workers can feel free to interact and carry out their duties without any problem. The problems that workers experience in any given field are always similar. This means that a proper analysis has the ability to correct all the problems and come up with new ways of doing things. Another reason why PEST analysis is important is that it is used to determine the factors that affect the performance of workers in a given region. The UK reports that many migrants who visit the country are always less stable financially. PEST analysis helps to find the best fit for such workers. Once such an analysis is carried out, a lot of benefits will result from the process. One of the main benefits is that one comes to understand the social problems that affect a given set of workers. PEST analysis also enables one to come up with the best technology to be used in production. Another benefit of this process is the fact that it aims to provide similar economic situations for workers in a certain field (Colin, p 60).

Factors that can lead to the exploitation of migrant workers:

Migrant workers face a lot of exploitation in different ways. The following are some of the ways in which migrant workers can be exploited.

  1. Political factors. Workers move into other countries without looking at both the laws of trade unions as well as the laws of the country. Sometimes, employers can end up exploiting them because they do not know their rights. Such workers should always know their rights in relation to the country they visit so that they can prevent the rampant exploitation (UNISON, P 2).
  2. Economic factors. In many situations, workers move to countries where they believe they will get a better pay. They should always look at the standard remuneration available in the country before they start working in any firm. They should also know the amount of tax they are expected to pay depending on the type of job they do and the country they visit.
  3. Their place in the society. Some people may end up exploiting them just because they are foreigners. It is important to know the freedom and rights of a migrant worker to avoid such situations (Jeffs, p 29).

Factors that have led to immigration to the UK:

The UK has experienced migration o people into the country as result of the following factors.

  1. Political strife. Many people have moved from these countries as a result of unsuitable political situations.
  2. Economic situations. Most people also move to the UK since they believe they will get better-paying jobs.
  3. The general standard of living in many countries where the migrants come from is low. The migrants always leave their home countries to visit the UK so that they improve their standard of lives (Randal. P 5).

Evaluation of the extent to which the UK has gained from migrant labor

The UK has gained a lot from the labor that comes into the country in the form of migrants. One of the ways in which the UK gains is through tax. The country has different tax rates for migrant workers that contribute to the increasing revenue collected by the local government. The country has also gained from technological advancements brought in by the migrant workers. Some of the migrant workers bring in new methods of production that are important to the UK. By increasing the workforce in the country, the UK has also been able to increase its GDP UNISON, P 3). They now produce more and export more compared to the situation when they were not accepting any migrant workers.

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