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One of the key purposes of the art is that it has a meaning and its serves a purpose. One of the key things that the individual who is pursuing art must be able to do is to make sure that they are able to interpret the art in the right manner and comprehend the deeper meanings that are attached to that piece of art. For me, any form of an art is an expression of the interest that people have about their surrounding as well as the depiction of their internal monologue most of the times. The art is not a story; it needs to have an imagery that should be able to make sure that it can depict the finer meanings and interpretations of the life of the person most of the times. For me to really make sure that I make strides in my career as an art student, it is important to make sure that I get the right sort of environment where the creative input is being appreciated. I want to be in the position to make sure that I can do things as per my instinct and make sure that there the environment allows the expression of the creative freedom in the right manner. Thus to make sure that I am able to fulfill my long term dream and vision, I want to transfer into your premises. The transfer is going to provide me with the creative space that I aspire so much in life and it would ease up new avenues for me. Kindly facilitate my request for transfer. These are some of the reasons due to which I want to transfer to Mascot colonials which are a major theater and dance bachelor degree course.



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