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Personal Statement for Nursing Program

My association with the field of nursing for the past many years has been a fulfilling experience. Since my childhood, I can recall that although hospital visits were scary for me, I was always fascinated by the role that nurses played in caring for those in pain and providing comfort to their families. Over the years my interest in this career has strengthened and I have amassed a plethora of experience by working with patients in diverse environments. From 2013 to 2020, I was associated with Rosedale Medical Center, New York City and the expertise that I have gained during this time has prepared me for this next step of my career.

Working as a phlebotomy/ EKG technician since October 2013 and as an office manager in2017, I have been involved in many managerial tasks which included welcoming patients through in-person meetings or telephonic calls and catering to their various inquiries. I have developed my organizational skills through the preparation of patients’ health care visit schedules and streamlining the process of examination through the provision of equipment and ensuring the preparation of the exam room to effectively meet the patient’s needs. I am highly skilled at record-keeping and effectively reviewing and recording the medical history of patients. I am adept at taking vital signs, obtaining blood specimens by performing venipunctures and finger sticks, and performing diagnostic electrocardiograms. I can accurately position and apply electrodes as well as connect leads from the electrocardiograph machine to the electrodes on the specified body areas. I have excellent coordination and collaboration skills that have helped me in resolving unusual test orders by working in cooperation with physicians, pathologists, or reference laboratories. Additionally, I have appreciable communication skills which I have been successfully using to provide EKG data to physicians and to instruct patients before procedures after reviewing their records. By focusing attention on detail, I can monitor patients during procedures and accurately report any abnormal findings.

In May 2015, I took on the role of Patient Care Technician. I performed a myriad of duties in this capacity which helped me polish my existing skills while acquiring new learning. I was able to work closely with patients and provide focused care and assistance, an aspect of this job that I truly value. I learned how to preempt patients’ needs and make accommodations for their special demands and remain prepared for any unforeseen circumstance. My experience of working with patients has been a fulfilling one and it has granted me satisfaction on a personal level.

My association with the field has enabled me to work in various capacities and gain a wide range of expertise. As an Office Manager in 2017, I have responsibly performed tasks related to maintenance of regularly used medical equipment while also overseeing mailing and shipping procedures. I was also in charge of the provision of supplies and equipment. To ensure quality and maximize patient satisfaction, I effectively streamlined daily office operations while also supervising the staff to ensure satisfactory coverage for optimal patient care.

For the next phase of my career development, I look forward to joining the Nursing Program at York College. My years of learning have given me the confidence of progressing further in this field. I have a deep respect for the people I work with, and I look forward to expanding my knowledge and skills. I believe that this institute will have a positive impact on my career development. You will find me to be a hardworking, respectful, and highly motivated learner. I look forward to being a part of this exceptional learning community.



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