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I have always wanted to be a dentist when I was young. It all started when I was playing with my friends in the hallway in a primary school in Saudi Arabia. We loved getting physical and pushing each other unexpectedly; at least we found joy out of this game. There is this one time that I was not in luck. My friend pushed me and I met head-on with the wall. I hit my mouth real bad and we needed to seek a dentist intervention since two of my teeth were loose following the mishap.

When people used to ask me what I would like to be in the future-the cliché’ question- I never really had a definite answer. I would juggle in being a doctor, an engineer, pilot and all the profession that kids say for the fear of the unknown. Until the day my mother took me to the dentist to have my loose teeth take off; the dentist was very inspiring. The injected me anesthesia and told me that was the only hard part and then took of my teeth and advised me to rather keep them. As the child that I was, I quickly took them and gave them to my mom who placed them in a ziplock.

The experience changed my life and when I went back home I told my mother that I would love to be a dentist. Every day I kept on looking at my fallen teeth as I worked towards my dream. When I went on to high school I gave it my best shot and am glad to have made to the King Khalid University where I took my diploma as a dentist assistant. I took 3 and a half years studying the course where the lecturers were pleased with not only my scholarly execution but also my interest in the subject.

I got placement as a dental assistant at King Abdullah Hospital (in Saudi Arabia) for 4 years from 2012-2016. At this hospital, I worked diligently and almost every dentist appreciated that I had chemistry with most of the clients. It came out of me naturally considering that I had a nice experience once with a great dentist. However, I felt like I needed to take my skills to the next level – international standards. The one way of doing was by studying the English language. In April 2016 I went to New Zealand to study English as a second language (ESL), and I received my certificate for (ESL) from New Zealand.

Come January 2018, I transferred to the United States of America to get in dental hygiene program, which was equally a great experience. Here the professors appreciate the efforts I put in my studies. I take some classes at Midwestern State University in Taxes. My future goals I would like to transfer to the University Of Bridgeport to get in dental hygiene program since they have a great coursework and their dental school is showered with praises. I am doing all this to be proficient in not only what I believe in but also what I love doing.



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