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Deviant Behavior:

The behavior or activity which violates the social norm includes both formal and informal rule which is enacted by society. The formal norm which I have witnessed is the crimes committed by the offenders. On the other hand, the informal enacted rule by society are rejecting any social norms which are being practiced by everyone. Deviant behavior in my opinion is not always a negative thing but also it could be a positive thing to be done by any person.

    1. Crime:

The crime which I have seen and noticed through media houses gives me the understanding that any act which law doesn’t validate as an acceptable act is considered to be a crime and the state punishes the person who engages themselves in that act of crime. After reviewing the law, the crime is actually an offense that gives harms anyone including society overall.

    1. Victim of Crime:

The victim of crime can be defined as the person who has faced any harm directly by the offender who has committed the crime. Also, this needs to be clarified that the victim of crime is always affected by the offender, not society. However, I have seen that some of the victims are also been affected by the system and the example can be taken from the white collar crime which is not always for the particular person but the person somehow is affected by this crime.

    1. Justice for Victims:

The court and the government is working for the justice of those who are a victim of crime. The cases which have been filed in the courts go into the proceedings and end with justice. Justice can be defined in my opinion is that when a victim gets what he or she deserves and is taken by him or her by the offender. The offense can be of any type but in the end, the victim should be rewarded with compensation so that crime could be reduced and that’s what justice is.

2.1 Deviant according to value:

The deviant behavior as described above are the acts which violate the enacted rules both formal and informal. According to my values, the behaviors will be considered informal ones which are not acceptable. There are several of those behaviors such as picking up the nose in public places, eating loudly, and standing too close without respecting someone’s personal space. There are others that people notices sometimes and those are coming late to some place which violates the commitment and speaking loudly but these behaviors vary from culture to culture as I have noticed.

2.2 Root of crime:

In my opinion, the cause of crime is quite hard to understand because according to what I have witnessed the causes of crime in our society could be poverty and neglect by parents because poverty makes people frustrated by their condition, and when a person is neglected by the parents do things which are not acceptable due to lack of supervision to tell what is right and what is wrong. There are reasons as well that deal with the mental condition of a person who commits a crime, sometimes it could be a lack of education or the culture influences the person.

2.3 Most happen crimes:

According to media news, the most common crime happening in the country is theft and after that burglary, vehicle theft, assault, and robbery. These are the crimes that I have seen mostly in the news and in my opinion, are the most common crimes which happen the most.

3.4 Who commits the crime?

People who have a background in poverty mostly commit crimes. In my opinion, those who have been frustrated enough commit the crime because the unstable mental condition takes away the sense of right and wrong in a person. The poor condition of living convinces people to commit crimes because the consequences no longer seem to be worse as compared to their current condition.

3.1 Who is Victim?

The victim is the one to whom the crime is committed in any way. The victim will be the one who in the first place faces the harm.

3.2 Fearful of the crime:

Under the current situation, I have always been fearful to be a victim of any crime including my family. The crimes which are 7undertaken in the streets are growing day by day.

3.3 Believing victim:

In my opinion, it is always about the nature of the crime when identifying the victim. The story of the victim will always come first when making any assumption about the victim.

Justice in our society is handled well when it comes to those behaviors which are being enacted by the law but those behaviors which are being done and considered to be informal still need improvement.

According to me, every person receiving the same punishment shouldn’t happen. Those people who commit the crime regularly should be punished severely as compared to those people who are not regularly committing the crime.

The course and textbook have provided me the extensive knowledge regarding sociology and perception. The knowledge will help me in pursuing further education and a career path relevant to it.



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