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Peaceful Warrior Movie Analysis

The Movie Peaceful Warrior contains some life quotes. I choose five quotes from this movie and for each quote I will explain what it means to me and how I can apply it into my life.

One quote that Socrates says is, “Everyone gives their opinion about what you should do and what is best for you, wanting you to believe their answers rather than finding your own.” I find this quote one of a kind as many of the people in life always love controlling others and telling them what is best for them. I love making my own decisions so that if they bring me negative consequences, I can learn from mistakes and not blame anyone. The best decisions in life come from one’s inner self. I can apply this quote to my life by not letting friends or family make important decisions for me.

The second quote I deducted from the movie ‘Peaceful Warrior’ from Socrates is, “When you become a warrior, you learn to meditate in every action.” This quote is encouraging in the sense that one should find glory in whatever they are doing despite how irrelevant or cheap the action is. I used to despise small chores such as cleaning the bathroom but this quote teaches me that every small thing counts. I have learnt to find passion in every action rather than taking it as a burden.

The third quote I encountered said by Dan Millman is, “Those who we find hard to love are mostly the people who need love most.” This quote is very significant in life as most people who need to feel love rarely receive it. Many a times, people ignore those living in the streets, the orphaned, the mentally ill and so on. These people need love the most but rarely get it or even don’t get it. I have learnt to apply this quote into my life and I visit orphans showing them love and how much I care. I make sure I give something to a person that I find on the streets lying in the cold. Buying a cup of coffee for a person who lives on the streets seems little but really means a lot.

The fourth quote is one said by Socrates, that “A warrior never gives up what he/she loves, he looks for the love in whatever he/she does.” This quote is precious as it gives me strength that I should keep on doing the thing that I love best in life, by looking for looking for the passion in what I do. When I find the passion of what I love doing, I will pursue it without defeat. Passion and love for what one does surpasses any challenges one would face in the pursuit of what he/she loves to do.

The fifth quote I encountered from the movie was the one that says that happiness comes from the journey but not the destination. This quote was said by Socrates to imply that we should not focus on what we will gain from doing what we do but we should focus on the love of doing it. Once one has achieved what they desired, they really do not find happiness in it but find happiness from the means used to achieve what they achieved. The journey brings happiness not the destination that does.



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