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PakWheels was set up in 2003 under the organization of Hanif Bhatti, a specialist, and Jagdesh Pahuja, an IT proficient. The site was made with the plan to unite auto lovers from the whole way across Pakistan and give them space where they could share their encounters and purpose of perspectives. With a straightforward, easy-to-understand interface, the site gave a stage where clients could offer their vehicles, download backdrops, and associate with each other.

PakWheels picked up prevalence rapidly as there was an absence of informal communication sites where individuals with comparable interests could organize. Individuals went by to peruse audits and encounters shared by different individuals from this online group. It was expected to these expand.

Talks that an ever-increasing number of individuals participate. As the group became more grounded, Bhatti and Pahuja chose to have an occasion for the individuals from These social events picked up energy quickly, and soon individuals inside every city began organizing parties under the name “PakWheel Meets.”

Not long after both, the accomplices understood that the site was developing too quickly and they didn’t have enough time or assets to oversee and work it. was subsequently sold to a few youthful representatives: Muhammad Raza Saeed and Suneel Sarfaraz Munj. Raza and Suneel were both LUMS graduates and were an impeccable fit; Raza had an enthusiasm for innovation, while Suneel was enthusiastic about autos. They picked up control of the wander in December 2008, and as Raza and Suneel were both situated in Lahore, the workplace of PakWheels was moved from Karachi to Lahore. Around 250 workers were enlisted keeping in mind the end goal to run the site easily and help its individuals. In a period where individuals used to go to merchants to purchase or offer a utilized auto, figured out how to pick up believability quickly. By removing the go-between and interfacing the purchaser to the merchant straightforwardly, it spared time as well as cash; the vendor did not need to pay a commission on his deal, and the purchaser did not need to visit various merchants to purchase an auto.

After procurement, Suneel and Raza chose to update the innovation of the site and make it more present-day and simple to utilize. They propelled a versatile application that was perfect for all major cell phone programming. Individuals with iPhone, Android, and Windows telephones could download these applications and access the information on the site all the more advantageously. They additionally made the way toward posting commercials on their site simpler and less tedious. These commercials needed to experience a confirmation procedure, and every promotion must be checked on and affirmed by the PakWheels group before it went live. In a matter of seconds, PakWheels turned into a vertically coordinated site where one could discover data about anything identified with autos.

The underlying point of PakWheels was to pull in clients to its site and create movement. Incomes were of optional significance. Client-to-client cooperation was free of cost, and clients did not need to pay any cash to PakWheels keeping in mind the end goal to utilize its stage and take an interest in discourses. PakWheels created income by publicizing organizations like Shell, General Tires, and so on its site. Alongside this, it likewise produced leads for different foundations like

Banks, insurance agencies, and so on. Also, purchasers were additionally given the alternative to getting their advertisements highlighted on the site. Under this, a small sum was charged to the purchaser, and consequently, his ad was highlighted on the fundamental page of the site for a week and was additionally in the best inquiry. This made it inescapable for searchers to pass up a great opportunity for the promotion. Advertisements were set by singular clients, as well as via automobile merchants who frequently posted their whole inventories on the site. PakWheels likewise sold dealership bundles to merchants that included making sites for them and connecting these sites to Through this, the autos that were transferred by the merchants on their sites got transferred naturally on the PakWheels site. The PakWheels Blog was another instrument through which income was created. The article group distributed supporting material on the blog with a specific end goal to instruct the clients about various parts of a vehicle. Another approach to producing income was through Auto Shows facilitated by the PakWheels group, where various auto lovers appeared. Enormous partnerships supported these Auto Shows as it gave them a chance to promote their items to a large number of individuals (Suneel and Arif). Display 1 demonstrates the separation of PakWheels’ income.


In Pakistan, when an individual wants to buy or sell a car, there are some alternative platforms he can use to assist him with the sale or purchase, depending upon the perceived effectiveness and convenience of the platform to the user. The traditional mode of buying and selling cars, for instance, involves the featuring of automobile advertisements in newspapers, typically the Sunday sections. Many individuals find this mode of deal locking cumbersome since such advertisements are only featured on Sundays instead of all week round. Newspaper ads also offer very little flexibility regarding information shared due to the limited space dedicated to each advertisement. This is attributable to the per-word method of costing for newspaper advertisements. Pictures are seldom shared in these ads. The only way to obtain the necessary information about the car is by making a call to the car seller. All these factors make the process frustrating and inefficient. As a buyer commented: “Firstly, we now hardly read newspapers, and even if we feel like giving it a read, it’s the online version. I can’t imagine someone waiting for Sunday to look for used car offers.” Newspapers, as a car-trading platform, however, cannot be wholly discounted. Auto dealers are of the view that less

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affluent areas still comprise a significant number of people who tend to make an effort to skim through the Sunday advertisements to find good leads for cars.

For an average buyer, however, individual car dealers are the first go-to option. As car buying and selling is such a high-involvement decision, the ‘trust factor’ plays an imperative role in it. Having required investing a substantial amount of money, buyers feel more comfortable taking an active part in the whole purchasing process. This involves physically dealing with the agent who would perform the job on the buyer’s behalf to gage his level of competence and trustworthiness. An average dealer closes 15-20 local cars deals per month, along with 5-6 imported cars deals. On average, they charge a 1% commission each from both parties. As an auto dealer remarked: “We have a very well-established network in the market; we know all the right people for all the right jobs. We find leads among people we know so that the probability of scams is low. This is how we stand better as compared to the online deal-making, which most of the time leads to scams and frauds.”

Keeping in view the technological milieu, an average buyer has the option of finding a good lead for himself on the Internet as well. Individuals who make use of such online platforms for car buying and selling typically belong to the middle and lower-middle class, who are willing to spend the time and effort to search for leads of new and used cars. The upper class, however, purchases cars through dealers that they know of since they neither mind paying extra money for the services nor prefer spending time and energy over searching for the right buy themselves. Online car searching and deal closing have the advantage of cutting out the middleman, i.e., auto dealers or agents, and thus saving on commissions that buyers and sellers otherwise have to pay. This is thus a convenient and lower-cost option for both parties. The quality of transactions made is questionable, though, as there is a high risk of scams and fraud. PakWheels, however, is not the only online platform for automobile sales and purchases. Since it is an online service that does not charge its users or hook them permanently, it is quite convenient for an interested buyer who is unable to find his desired car to jump from PakWheels to other online platforms such as OLX or Carmudi. is a site that enables you to purchase and offer vehicles of various types in Pakistan. It holds a substantial determination of auto models (both new and old). This single stage enables you to purchase anything from autos to bicycles to some other type of business transport.

. Carmudi happens to be a direct competitor to PakWheels with an identical model, but since it is relatively newer, its scale is not comparable to that of PakWheels. The average amount of time a user spends on PakWheels is almost twice that spent on Carmudi’s website. The online customer traffic trends are also quite different for both companies. (Exhibit 2)

OLX, on the other hand, is the largest and most well-established online buying-selling website. However, it is not product-category-specific like Pakwheels or Carmudi. Owing to this, comparisons drawn between OLX and online portals like PakWheels or Carmudi might not be that relevant.

Overall, the industry is in its growth stage, as more and more cars (both used and new) are exchanging hands each day. In 2015, 700,000 cars changed hands in a year, out of which 40% of cars were traded online. It is this trend that has been encouraging online car portals to attract maximum customer traffic to their respective portals. Simultaneously, it is also attracting more and more players into the industry. Each player, both incumbent and new is focused on bringing maximum traffic to its portal, with the sole objective of diverting online users from competitor’s portals. All these online portals are now stuck in a position where they have large volumes of customers on their portals but are clueless as to how to capitalize on them. Revenue generation has become the biggest question mark in this industry’s landscape.


Autobytel is regarded as the pioneer of third-party lead referrals to auto dealers. Located in Irvine, California, USA, it was founded in 1995 by Pete Ellis, a businessman himself, owning dealerships in Southgate, California throughout the 1980s. Today, Autobytel is an online leader, providing innovative products and services to help consumers buy, and manufacturers and auto dealers sell new and used cars. It has a network of automotive sites which include,,,, and, to name a few (“Autobytel: Investor Relations: Press Release”).

The traditional car buying process in the US was long and cumbersome, involving the customer entering a dealership with little information regarding the manufacturer’s costs, dealer’s costs,

Leasing and financing costs etc. He then had to go through the grueling task of negotiating with the salespersons to arrive at the final sale price. In the end, the customer still had to take care of financing and insurance himself. Autobytel, through its flagship website and its network of automotive sites, revolutionized the car buying process by providing advanced research tools, dealer referral services, and insurance and finance services, thereby aiding consumers with their automotive decision-making.

Autobytel acts as a comprehensive research guide and provides valuable information to consumers on new and used cars, which includes new and used car price quotes supplied by dealers and other vehicle sellers, manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing, invoice pricing, used car vehicle listings, professional vehicle reviews, car buying guides, money saving tips, customer ratings, top 10 lists, lease vs. own comparisons and much more. Through its dealer referral services, consumers are directly contacted by dealers in their area who are willing to help assist in vehicle purchases and provide further details (Exhibit 3). Customers merely have to select the make, model, and options of interest and click on “Get Pricing,” and the customer’s Purchase Request form is sent to the dealers in his area (“About Autobytel |”).

Autobytel supplies consumers with links to providers of insurance and auto finance. Through its specialty finance leads program, consumers who are unable to secure loans through conventional lending sources are thus able to obtain vehicle financing from dealers or finance institutions willing to provide these consumers with financing. Also, Autobytel’s free MyGarage account helps consumers with car maintenance by sending service reminders and recall notices. MyGarage also offers tools to diagnose vehicle problems, estimate repair costs, find local mechanics, and track vehicle maintenance records (Exhibit 4). Thus, through its advanced research features, Autobytel assists its consumers in buying, selling, and maintaining their vehicles. What’s more is that these research information, tools, and dealer referral services are free for consumers (“About Autobytel |”).

Autobytel’s core business, however, is to act as a marketing services provider for auto dealers and manufacturers. Through its vast marketing network, Autobytel offers dealers and manufacturers effective brand and product marketing opportunities to help them build relationships with customers. It provides cost-effective customer referral programs, web-based

Advertising and marketing programs and tools that connect dealerships with a steady and diverse stream of customers. Moreover, Autobytel’s specialty finance leads program provides additional high-margin business to dealers (“About Autobytel |”).

While dealer referral services are free for the consumer, Autobytel charges dealers and manufacturers for customer referrals. Autobytel is the pioneer of internet leads; in fact, revenue from automotive leads is its core business and largest source of income. A lead is generated when an online customer leaves information that a dealer can pursue. This essentially happens when a customer clicks “Get Pricing” and completes the Purchase Request form to have a dealer in his area contact him to help him with the purchase of the vehicle or to provide him with further information. Each lead is sold for $20 to interested dealers in the area, who then make contact with the customer. Leads are purchased externally from third party websites such as Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, and Yahoo! And are also generated internally through Autobytel and its network sites (“Autobytel: Investor Relations: Press Release”). In 2014, Autobytel sold 6.5 million leads to dealers, and these leads have converted to vehicle sales at rates of 16 to 25%, compared to rates of 6 to 8% five years ago. Today, Autobytel generates 70% of its leads internally compared to just 3% in 2009 (Barkholz 1).

For Autobytel, dealer relations are the key to its success. To minimize dealer’s operational costs, Autobytel provides them with exclusive geographical areas. It has divided its customer base into geographical segments such that any lead generated by a customer is made available only to dealers situated in that geographical area. This guarantees dealers a large volume of quality leads and hence protects their gross margins. Autobytel thus does not take on board all available dealers; rather, it contracts only a few dealers in each particular geographical segment such as to optimize its revenue as well as that of the dealers.

However, competition for lead generation has increased because of the rising online presence of dealers and manufactures and due to the advent of other automotive websites like and (Banks 1). Lead generation is thus not the only source of revenue for Autobytel. Besides customer purchase requests, Autobytel also generates vehicle financing leads through its specialty finance leads program, which is sold to interested dealers and finance-providing institutions. Autobytel also charges dealers a monthly subscription fee for using the Autobytel platform and for availing of its dealer programs. Also, Autobytel allows manufacturers and dealers to market their products and brands through the company’s marketing network by providing advertising opportunities on its owned websites. It also provides advertising opportunities to other third parties (“Autobytel: Investor Relations: Press Release”).

Porter Five Forces:

Porter’s Five Forces Model is a structure for examining the level of rivalry inside an industry. It utilizes mechanical association financial aspects to infer five powers that decide aggressive industry and, in this way, the allure of the business. For this examination, we will inspect the the energy of clients, the energy of providers, the danger of potential participants, the accessibility and likeness of substitutes, and the opposition among existing contenders for PakWheels’s expansive worldwide market.

  1. Power of Customers: Low Threat
  2. An extensive number of clients (- )
  3. Clients approach information (+) Low volume buys (- )
  4. Clients can communicate without much of a stretch switch providers (+)

In the third quarter of 2016, PakWheels sold 10, 200 vehicles. Contrast this with the 5,600 sold amid a similar quarter a year ago, and you can unmistakably observe that the request is developing, and there is an impressive number of purchasers

Power of Suppliers: Low

Providers can’t undoubtedly vertically incorporate forward. (- ) Suppliers are reliant upon a couple of purchasers (- )

Pakwheels no longer needs its providers to survive (- ) Low exchanging costs (- )

The lion’s share of Pakwheels vehicles are obtained from customers already using the cars. This has prompted PakWheels to wind up progressively autonomous from manufacturers of cars. Its providers can’t vertically incorporate forward without an immense increment in settled costs.

Risk of Potential Entrance: Moderate

The economy of scale (- )

Expansive Capital necessity (- )

Constrained conveyance channels (- ) No licenses (+)

Government impetuses (+)

The Availability and Comparability of Substitutes: High Threat

No value roof put by substitutes (- ) Lack of future item separation (+)

Close substitutes set an execution correlation (+)

Rivalry Amongst Competitors: High danger

Quick industry development (- )

Leave obstructions with hardware (+) High overhead (+)

Expanding the number of contenders (+) Lack of item qualification (+)

Despite the fact that gas costs are presently declining, regardless, we see the interest in electric autos developing, which lessens rivalry (Ferris, Robert). The battery-making gear can’t be repurposed for some other sort of auto along these lines making a left boundary.

While the energy of clients, the energy of providers, and the danger of potential hazards don’t represent a huge risk, these are still contemplations to be made inside the business. Pakwheels should give careful consideration to the accessibility and similarity of substitutes and the opposition among contenders. As innovation is ceaselessly rising, the market will change too.

Powers Driving Change

The Forces Driving Change inside an industry incorporates a level of development, globalization, request desires, changes in who may utilize or is utilizing items/administrations, fringe items, and administrations, and innovative adjustments. In the consistently changing car industry, firms must remain insightful in the way business is overseen and stay mindful of the powers driving the business. The accompanying business variables ought to be considered:

  • The abnormal state of development
  • Socioeconomics of the client Energy proficiency
  • Inside outline Affordability
  • Brand notoriety
  • Request desires Emerging markets.

With new wellsprings of outer rivalry rising, the advancement and outline of vehicles have been progressively affected (Seibert, John). Organizations inside the business must adjust to these adjustments keeping in mind the end goal to stay focused among purchasers.

Key Success Factors

The key achievement factors for any industry are basic to the organization-to-client relationship. The six key achievement variables of industry members incorporate advancements required, the broadness of item/benefit line, advertise aptitude/mark name acknowledgment needs, development capacities, licensed innovation needs, and outline skill. The key achievement factors for the car business include:

  • Focused valuing Innovative sufficiency Marketing capability
  • Conservation of protected innovation Brand Appearance
  • Item unwavering quality
  • Provider and customer cooperation

The support of key achievement factors lined up with client needs is basic in making a domain that will flourish in the car business. The continually developing purchaser advertises a testing situation for the business. Among these variables, focused estimating and imaginative ampleness lead to noteworthiness to making an aggressive domain.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT investigation is an examination of an organization’s inner qualities, shortcomings, openings inside the market, and outer dangers to the organization. A SWOT investigation is an intense device since it can enable an organization to reveal openings that it is very much set to misuse. It helps in understanding the shortcomings of an organization and permits the administration and end of dangers. It empowers an organization to create a key structure to help recognize it from contenders.


Vertical Integration Brand/Marketing Sales Development

Item refinement

Existing electric auto-producing foundation Panasonic joint wander

Pakwheels appreciates being one of a couple of vehicle sellers and buyers to underwrite from the get-go the pattern in green auto-mobiles. Shoppers will pay more for green innovation, and the market is developing quickly. (Gibbs, Alexandra, Hungerford) While there are government motivators bringing down the obstructions to section. The majority of the enormous vehicle buyers and sellers don’t have the foundation important to infiltrate the market at any point shortly on the off chance that they have not, as of now, began making the speculations. Not exclusively is Pakwheels one of a couple of organizations with the foundation fundamental, but that framework gives them an abnormal state of value and cost controls because of in reverse vertical reconciliation and joint endeavors. Another key achievement factor is PakWheels’s advertising and it’s image. PakWheels has smashed that shape. This year, PakWheels won the Highest-ranked Car buyer and seller reports on account of an extensive part to energetic item refinement and the creative brand itself.


Noteworthy uses in R&D High obligation stack

The absence of dealerships Requires a home setup

The absence of charging stations crosswise over country territories Add-ons versus Standard enhancements

PakWheels’s innovative work spending plan for 2015 was 71.5 Million. That is three times most different auto dealers’ yearly innovative work uses. Their aggregate deals are a long way behind different auto dealers. For an organization the extent of PakWheels, this positive is by all accounts a tremendous disservice when contrasted with other vehicle creators. (Rosoff) The expanding spending abandons them little money to react to changes that may happen in the market. PakWheels likewise requires a circuit repairman to go to your home and introduce charging outlets; this cost is excluded from the cost of the auto. (Quora)The additional cost and changes to a man’s house are escalated when contrasted with conventional gas-controlled autos. The accessibility of charging stations is spotty in residential areas also. Another immense impediment PakWheels has is the customization that comes standard on its vehicles versus other Auto-producers. As indicated by CNN, changing your paint shading to red may cost you $1000 with PakWheels (Wattles).


  • Market portion development Trend toward renting
  • Self-ruling ride sharing

The market for green autos is solid and is relied upon to develop; PakWheels’s vehicle conveyed expanded from 50,658 to 76,243 from 2015 to 2016. The dominant part of this future development is required to be in the more youthful socioeconomics. (Sparkles) PakWheels can gain in this market by extending renting programs. This would make Pak Wheels’ autos more open to the more youthful age. They could then utilize more seasoned autos that have been rented for their newly utilized auto program, which would likewise help catch the market section. Ride-sharing is another opportunity or danger that all relies on how we grasp it. As indicated by the Brookings Institute, the quantity of temporary rideshare workers expanded by 69% in the vicinity of 2010 and 2014; this number has been expanding quickly. (Hathaway, Muro) This new business is still in the development stage, and it’s, as of now, changing how we are utilizing autos.

Sources of Competence

PakWheels has a solid wellspring of abilities coming from its corporate systems of vertical reconciliation and focus. With regard to fixation procedures, there are three noteworthy sub-divisions of focus to inspect: showcase infiltration, advertise advancement, and item improvement.

To begin with, I might want to analyze the market. With regards to the piece of the overall industry of the electric vehicle showcase, PakWheels rules. In 2016 module vehicle deals expanded 38% over the earlier year; PakWheels made up 29.9% of those deals from 2016. By correlation, second place was Ford, which had 16%, third place was GM, with somewhat not as much as Ford, and fourth was the Chevy Volt, with 15%. (Morris) As you can see, PakWheels’s whole promoting procedure being devoted to modules has prompted PakWheels to command the market. Rather than promoting a brand and a whole line of vehicles, PakWheels promotes specific items. To the correct, you can see PakWheels’s piece of the overall industry separated by singular models versus its rivals.

Focus Strategy:

PakWheels’s developing piece of the overall industry originates from PakWheels picking up a client from the current market, otherwise called advertise entrance. Individuals would forfeit execution to buy a module vehicle. However, PakWheels has overwhelmed its opposition in the execution class, which enabled it to take clients from different brands. It is likewise the most inventive and battery proficient, which tends to buy factors for individuals in the market. PakWheels’s developing piece of the pie can likewise be credited to showcasing advancement, or carrying new clients into the market for a decent. PakWheels has two exceptional personalities: the inventive dependable character and the energetic, extravagance character. The lively, extravagance personality was something new inside the market, which pulled in new purchasers. That leaves item advancement, our last fixation. Item advancement has been constrained at two vehicles at PakWheels, both with a strict spotlight on module innovation. This has enabled PakWheels to increase understood information and ability with the assembling procedure, which is enabling them to expand their speed of generation to take care of demand.

Vertical Integration Strategy:

PakWheels has made incredible steps towards both reverse and advanced vertical incorporation. PakWheels fabricates autos, as well as they, runs open charging stations, oversees showrooms, and as of late, manufactures their battery processing plant. Vertical Integration enables PakWheels to enhance the nature of their items, given a more noteworthy level of control. PakWheels’s batteries have been in a noteworthy favorable position over their opposition. However, clients have been disappointed with different parts of their vehicles previously. In Figure 2, we can see the dissemination of appraisals for PakWheels’s item fulfillment from Consumer Affairs. Parts produced utilizing PakWheels’s offices are plainly better than those that have been sourced from outside the organization, and this pattern towards reverse incorporation is an exceptionally profitable pattern for the organization. Concerning advanced combinations, the charging stations are essential to the achievement of the vehicle. By taking this item and regarding it as a supporting/auxiliary item for the vehicle itself, you are expanding the openness of the vehicle. Without these open charging stations, your module vehicle would be not able to go on a long excursion or street trip. The shortage of charging stations in rustic regions likewise closes module vehicles out of country markets. Charging stations claimed by different organizations won’t enter low-thickness country zones since they are spurred by benefits. However, PakWheels’s charging stations are not persuaded by benefits. PakWheels’s coordinated charging stations are spurred by the expansion in availability they produce for the autos. PakWheels’s most intriguing bit of advanced vertical reconciliation is the showroom. Rather than pitching their vehicles to an exclusive dealership, which denotes the cost up and re-deals them, PakWheels has a showroom where you can view and request a vehicle. This figures out how to keep costs lower, wipes out wrangling on value focus on the client, and gives PakWheels more noteworthy control over the cost of their item by disposing of marking down. As per an inquiry from Fortune Magazine, wrangling left clients with an amazingly negative conclusion when unsuccessful, and notwithstanding when an arrangement was achieved, it influenced clients to feel focused (Alex III).


Get rid of home charging frameworks/Increase market profits:

It is assessed that the income from electric charging stations will achieve 2.9 billion by the year 2023, with 12 million stations being used all around (Kane). This is an opportunity to build the market for PakWheels’s vehicles by bringing more charging stations to country regions. It additionally decreases the cost for first-time electric auto purchasers by around 1,000 dollars. That cost includes a $500 plug sold by PakWheels, which makes almost no benefit for the organization, and another $500 visit from a circuit tester to introduce a committed circuit. By getting rid of compulsory home charging stations and expanding your impression out in the open stations, PakWheels could pick up a good-looking cut of that 2.9 billion in income. PakWheels ought to likewise consider making their accusing stations incongruent of other electric vehicles. By doing this PakWheels would grow the market for their autos in provincial zones, yet they would forget their rivals close.

Increment Vertical Integration

As we have said before, in the wellsprings of ability segment, PakWheels’s clients observed parts of their items to be questionable or of second-rate quality. PakWheels’s batteries have been in a state of quality, be that as it may. PakWheels’s batteries last more and get more prominent vitality reserve funds than a large portion of their rivals. These batteries were created utilizing vertical mix and joint endeavors. PakWheels should take a gander at how it can control a greater amount of the assembling procedure along these lines to enhance its quality.

Keep up their specialty extend while proceeding to acquaint reasonable models with the mass market.

Explore the practicability for customization of the powertrain applications in different businesses.

Moreover, in spite of PakWheels’s items having mechanical headway, they should keep on staying on the bleeding edge of advancement and quality, and quicken new item improvement (Seagul, Daniil). By examining and presenting customization of their powertrain applications, PakWheels can investigate the potential for a venture into new undiscovered markets. This could likewise help make the new potential for business to business purchasers for powertrain parts (“Recommendations”).

Increment publicizing

With the end goal for PakWheels to expand its market estimate, it needs to build it’s promotion through TV and web-based social networking. These two roads are the most seen by individuals like this PakWheels will have the capacity to achieve an extensive variety of purchasers. At present, PakWheels isn’t publicizing to its maximum capacity. On the off chance that PakWheels builds promoting, there is a decent shot their deals will increment.

As the site unmistakably notes: “ is an online vehicle posting administration that associates auto purchasers with vendors.” Sellers can list insights about the vehicle, their contact data, and the cost. In any case, for the proprietors, AutoTrader is quite a lot more: “It’s not about auto deals — it’s tied in with teaching purchasers and helping them settle on the correct choices for themselves and their families.”


Having gone through an in-depth analysis of various revenue models, it was now time for Suneel and Raza to make a decision. PakWheels was in dire need to generate more revenue to realize its untapped potential.


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