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Over-Speeding Application to the Judge

Re: Ticket Number

Dear Judge __(name of the judge)__,

I received a speeding ticket on __(the date)__ in the city of __(city name)__. I was on the road and going over the speed limit because I has an emergency situation. The amount of the ticket is $243. It is due on April 24th, 2018. I am hereby requesting for an extension in the deadline for me to pay my ticket which was charged on me due to over speeding.

Under the given situation, I am unable to complete the ticket by my court day. Therefore, I am hereby requesting you for an extension in the due date so that I can complete my university/high-school day. Additionally, I request you to reconsider the amount of the payment under this ticket which is $243. It is a huge sum for me. My reasons in this regard are that firstly, I am an international student who is living in this country within limited resources and secondly, I am a university/high-school student with Public Health as my major subject whereas Psychology is my minor subject. Both of these subjects are demanding. I have been busy with school and exams.

Therefore, if you could please give me an additional period of forty-five to sixty days to pay my speeding ticket, it should be ample time for me to finish the pending tasks and complete the matter in an attempt to have it dismissed.

Please reconsider the amount of the speeding ticket as well because $234 is a huge sum for an international student in this country.

Sincerely Yours,

__(your name)___



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