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Opportunities And Challenges In LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a common professional networking platform that has become popular for a number of years now. It is a platform where job seekers, as well as employers, can be in a position to connect. However, for job seekers, it can sometimes be difficult to find a job of your own or of your desire. Creating a LinkedIn profile gives one some added advantages, especially against those other job seekers who do not have an account. LinkedIn has become a platform that is used to create awareness and establish a professional online presence (Sharone, 2017).


The platform has a number of advantages as well as challenges. Some of the opportunities include using LinkedIn as a reflection tool for professional as well as personal development planning. Managing an individual professional life skill is a lifelong thing and not a one-off task. It can also encourage students to reflect as well as record their regular development and practice throughout their learning process. It encourages students to be digitally distinct by establishing a professional online presence. It can be a useful starting point for students who want to develop their profession online since it focuses so much on skills as well as experiences of the working class in the world. LinkedIn, like any other social media platform, has a number of groups or forums. Most of these groups are of different subjects and may require one to request approval. The groups are viewable to all users, and they can help students understand how their field of study or profession is used by experienced professionals in the outside world. Moe, so one can create a group that will enable them to be in a position to work with other students, hence enabling a discussion and supportive environment (McCabe, 2017).

Challenges and Possible Solutions

Like any other online and external platform that is linked to an institution, the use of LinkedIn curriculum activities can be associated with a number of challenges. One needs to think carefully about deciding on how to assess a student’s profile since, with the past traditional CVs, it was difficult to tell what a good profile really is. Therefore, it would have been much better if the students had created the profile together by supporting and giving peers critiquing engagement in developing the profile together. Due to a number of concerns, such as security issues, there is a need to offer alternative solutions, such as some assessment forms, which become an alternative. If it requires an assessment as part of the module assessment, then one must take into consideration working with fellow partners and career teams. Students who are engaged in creating a LinkedIn profile before they have the knowledge or skills to understand how to create a professional online presence could act detrimental in their future careers. Therefore, there is a need for tutors to support students with a peer-supported approach so to be able to develop their profiles are critically reviewed. A certain level of framework establishment is a way of assisting students in developing their profiles appropriately (Sculfor, 2015). LinkedIn, like any other business, requires welcoming change since competency has always been a threat to the growing business. Regular revising of the platform will enable one to update their business and remind them of changes with market conditions that need to be responded to.

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