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Opening Statement for a Presidential Candidate

The verge of the third decade of the twenty-first century forces one as a presidential candidate to forecast the immense needs of the future. The American nation has all the progressive roots in its educational system from President Washington to contemporary times. So it is a well-assured fact that the global future will revolve around education, significantly higher education. For continuing the American legacy around the globe, higher education is a matter of life and death for this nation. It is heart rendering that in present circumstances, the massive educational costs of a college education have become a confounding issue for students, parents and families. Educational costs have been increasing not only decade basis but on a yearly and quarterly basis which shut opportunity doors to many talented citizens. Private institutions have raised the costs by triple-edged compared to public institutions, and financial assistance is inadequate to accommodate the population chunk. The primary debacle in this context has a direct adverse impact on research. In almost all fifty states, research-based education standards have declined and dreadfully drowned, leaving a dreadful gap to compete with future challenges. The financial burden and high debt proportions have increased the student drop ratio in colleges across the country.

In this hour of dark shadows on the students and educational stakeholders, a comprehensive educational policy is obligatory. As a presidential candidate, it is immensely pleasurable to announce that twenty-five per cent subsidy as part and parcel of a college education will be awarded. Let me assure the nation that interest rates on education debits will be declined, and financial aid will be higher to pace a talented pool of the nation towards innovative approaches and a research-orientated boost. The main features of education policy will counter the financial problems, initiation of new grad batches, the priority of AI tools in collaboration with NASA, international business-oriented practices, the advent of space horizons, security proficient-society and above all, critical thinking.



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