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The brain in love

This video is the story focusing on the state of the mind when one is in love. Helen Fisher presents the story. She starts the story by posing a kind of the question on many people crave love and state that we it is a reality that many will die for it. She points that we need to understand more of the real love and hoe romantic the attachment is (4min: 00 sec). She encourages the investigation of how the love is passionate and how it came about. In fact, she considers its biome chemical point of view and how the same respect is essential to the human in the society. In the video, she points to us that we should be looking forward to the understanding of you (15min: 45sec). In her story, she describes as a kind of human drive universally, and it’s stable even more than the thirst and hunger.

How I started online Dating

This Amy Webb TED video is driving audience by giving her life history through a short description on the screen. She describes that she had no hope of so-called online dating. The type of date that she liked was just opposite of the expectations. Just she says that her profile just turned to worse (5min: 56sec). She only takes advantage of the data and makes as much of the spreadsheet as she can. She describes that she found online dating so that she can get married just soon. She just went on exposed the traits of the man that she wanted on her profile. To make this success a man by the name Jewish Prince Charming scores well 850 points regarding the characteristics needed and then makes a plan to meet 12min: 23sec). After the meet up he gains more scores to 1050 points after which a year after the same he proposes her. In this speak there just three things that she is trying to put across one is I every time algorithm of love do exist, second, just pick what you want in love and thirdly just be yourself in love.

In my perspective, Amy Webb is more touching, and I will use it explain my case. I do support the fact that online dating does succeed in fact I got my lover through the same process. It all just depends on the heart cohesion degree it does not matter where you get your lover. What I disagree with Webb case is the way she puts traits that she likes to her lover on the profile. It’s just important to have the person and learn just from one another because everyone has a week points. My additional point is that online dating is not it all depends on the level of agreement degree of love you develop only that one is supposed to be very careful on this because sometimes other people especially online may come up with different motives other than the indented ones.



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