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Online communication is a recent innovation that has revolutionized the mode of interactions by enabling the sharing of ideas, messages, information, and other content across a mediated platform. While people used to go from one house to another to interact, the situation has changed and most people currently prefer to stay at home to interact with family members and friends using Facebook, texts, Twitter, and other social media networks. However, the online platforms are not a panacea, much as the community engagement techniques. They have advantages and disadvantages.

One of the critical merits of online interactions is its ability to democratize suggestions, thoughts, ideas, and value statements by granting anonymity to the participants. This theoretically makes all views to be equal with logic being the only litmus test for an argument. Moreover, online interactions provide documentation for posterity, reuse, and analysis. This quality makes online communication superior to verbal conversations that are normally unrecorded. Online interactions also enhance easier connectivity from across the planet. As a result, it exposes people to ideas from different corners of the world, thus increasing their productivity and efficiency, which provides an individual or organization with a long-term competitive advantage.

However, online interaction also has notable drawbacks. It consumes a considerable amount of time, and it is costly. The success of online interaction requires detailed planning. It is also an ineffective means of communication since it is hard to make eye contact to determine the attentiveness of the audience. Since these platforms are usually used indoors, it is hard to regulate illegal behavior. It is hard to determine the offender when a message for spreading hate and violence is sent through social media. The platform is also infested with bullies and has been used previously as a conduit for recruiting young people to terrorist organizations.

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Despite the fact that online interaction may require critical planning to ensure success, costs in terms of disseminating the information to the intended user have been reduced over the years. Besides, an individual can use social interaction platforms to interact with a large number of people at the same time, thus saving time. On the other hand, there are a number of ways that can enhance the effectiveness of online interactions. Sharing information at the right time is key when it comes to online communication. Similarly, it is important to customize for each particular platform to enhance effectiveness. This might include content descriptions, images, and headlines of the content.

It is important to encourage all and sundry to deal with illegal or defamatory information on social sites. Whether the information emanates from business employees or individual customers, it is critical for business professionals and organizations to become vigilant in managing and monitoring social engagement pages and sites. It is, therefore, critical to institutionalize a well-though-out social media guideline to direct the flow of interactions to prevent malice and recruitment by terrorist organizations. On the other hand, parents should be on the lookout to ensure that their children are not bullied online by constantly investigating their children’s online behavior. When a parent realizes that their child is being bullied online, they need to address the issue, report it to the relevant authorities, and provide adequate support to their child. Public intervention can be encouraged in such cases to influence children who have been bullied with hurtful content in a positive way. Moreover, the caregiver and other concerned personnel must determine whether there is a need for more professional assistance for the child.

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The internet has introduced new phenomena that no human being could think about over the previous few decades. It is essential to remind people of the current society’s emphasis on rushing; everyone has an urgent need to get things done instantly. Therefore, considering this changing phenomenon, the use of technology for social communication is quite imperative. In fact, online interaction technology has made the world to become a global village. It enables an individual to be able to interact with people whom they would not have met in person. The presence of tools such as web cameras, instant messages, microphones and electronic mail gives the interaction a more personal and human touch. Probably, the future might become more amazing. For instance, the invention of virtual reality might assist one in accessing a 3-D image of the speaker.

Therefore, the internet is the previous century’s best invention. It makes it quite hard to miss anyone since anyone can be reached at the click of a button. Although some experts warn that online interaction might damage people’s communication skills, it is important to recognize that the internet simply provides a different way for individuals to interact. It is, therefore, necessary to commend online social interactions for the convenience, effectiveness, and cheaper means of communication that are associated with it. Despite the existence of drawbacks, the merits of online interaction are visible and are likely to initiate even bigger avenues for human essentials. Therefore, humans need to tolerate the shortcomings for the greater benefits of online social interaction.



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