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One Man Two Governors

One Man Two Governors is a story describing the undertakings that one person goes through under two bosses. The story describes the fortunes that fall on Francis, one of the main characters, after he lands a job under two people. In this case, Francis is contracted to do a similar job for two different people with the same intention but who do know the same. In this case, Stanley Stabbers and Rachel Roscoe want to claim money from Roscoe Crabbe’s fiancées’ father.

The aim of claiming the money is to have Rachel and Stanley fly out of the country in fear of being arrested for the murder of Roscoe by Rachel’s boyfriend, Stanley. To ensure that the two bosses do not get to know of the same appointment, Francis decides to separate them by disguising the job that he does. At some points, Francis is forced to have the audience do some jobs for him to retain the secrecy of being employed for the same task by two people at the same time. At the end of the day, Francis succeeds in wooing Charlie’s bookkeeper and befriending her. This provides the chance to collect money from Charlie Clench in the name of Roscoe Crabbe.

Indeed, the acting was believable for the overall type of comedy that it is. Comedy is full of humor and represents a logical stipulation of issues. It is expected that one would want to flee from the crime scene, especially after committing murder. In this case, it was expected that Stanley would want to flee the area and have to look for money to have the mission accomplished. On the other hand, Francis was expected to take any arising job opportunity arising seriously. This is due to the hard satiation that Francis faced before landing the job. Thus, he would not let go of the offer made by the two bosses. The flow of events is quite expected as one starts watching the story. It is quite easy to believe that Francis tricked the bookkeeper to have his mission accomplished. This was the easiest way to go about it, as dealing with the Charlie Clench would be difficult.

Francis makes the best choice for description. This is because he forms an integral part of the story. First, Francis uses a convincing tone to both Stanley and Rachel. This makes it easy for him to convince them that he has the ability to get the money they need from Charlie Clench, Roscoe’s fiancée’s father. His tone is also quite soft in that the two bosses believe that he has the ability to remain confidential about their plans. Rachel and Stanley believe that Francis would deliver the best services without having them reported to the Police. Francis also makes too many movements from one location to the other. In this case, he tries to convince all the parties involved in the story. Therefore, he organizes various meetings with Stanley and Rachel. Later, he organizes meetings with Charlie’s bookkeeper to convince her about the plan. He walks fast and confidently in a way that he easily convinces about his physical and mental ability to attain the ultimate objective. The many movements that Francis makes are the hard jobs at hand. Francis also makes decisions that are well-informed. In this case, he takes his time to determine what to do in every instance. He chooses to use a strategy that would be least suspected. I, therefore, like the fact that Francis is wise and makes safe decisions. On the other hand, I dislike the fact he takes too long before implementing a decision, which could be a loophole in getting caught before attaining the main objective.

It was possible to connect the class content to the real acting scenario. It was possible to see the characters using tactics to meet their objectives. For instance, Francis used his separation tactic to do the same job for two different people without their knowledge.



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