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Nozama Network Plan

Company Overview:

Nozama is a company that sells books online. The company will have an online e-commerce website. Customers can buy used and new books through that website. Users can buy and download new books.

Nozama needs to build a computer network for their small startup, and it will be upgraded as the business expands over time. The business needs a network for servers as well as for computers. They can have LAN and WAN combinations. They want their synchronized business operations. For this, they need centralized network management. As this business will operate through an e-commerce website, its website should provide better speed and latency rates. Moreover, the company needs to adopt adequate security measures for both hardware and software.

By analyzing the business requirements, the following network security plan is created.


There will be four different servers: e-mail server and file/print server. The company also required dedicated servers and backup servers.

Location of Servers:

The E-mail server and file/print server can be placed inside the office area. However, the dedicated servers need to be set up in the data centers situated in New York. The dedicated server’s location is very important. This location will provide better speed and low latency to several locations of the world. The location has a direct impact on the overall performance of the server. So, the location of the dedicated server is very important to provide good performance.

The backup server should be placed at any other location outside the office area. It can be another place, city, or country. If there are any natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, etc., the server remains unaffected, and there can be no disruption in the business operations after connecting to the backup server.


The network consists of at least 100 workstations, laptops, printers, fax machines, and scanners. It is good and economical to use wireless networking equipment as it is cost-effective and configured to use. Wireless networking is more attractive and easy to use. The wireless network provides flexibility. The employees and users can access the network from anywhere in the office as well as outside the office. We will also use wireless routers, switches, and firewalls to connect the network.


Hardware Cost
Laptop Dell new precision 5520 $1,399.00
Workstation Dell 3000 series $599.00
CISCO RV320 Dual WAN VPN Router $114
CISCO SYSTEMS 8 Port Ethernet Switch $22.55
Cisco RV110W-A-NA-K9 Small Business RV110W Wireless N VPN Firewall Router $46


The following are application software required by Nozama:

  1. Outlook Express for sending and receiving emails both among office employees and for mobile workers.
  2. Cyberduck clients include FTP, SFTP, Webdev, and amazon f3.
  3. Microsoft Office 2010
  4. Nortek People Management software is used to manage the office workforce and weekly payroll.
  5. JIRA for project tracking, assigning tasks, and other team activities.
  6. Adobe Premier Pro software for video editing.
  7. ESET NOD32 Antivirus software
  8. Pandora FMS network management tool
  9. Skype
  10. Dropbox
  11. ShareIt software allows users to share images, videos, and apps across the network.
  12. Oracle client to manage the database.
  13. CISCO wireless LAN controller
  14. Printer and scanner drivers
  15. CISCO firewall

Cisco resellers have full expertise in the network technology. They have experience and understand the networking requirements of the business like Nozoma. They have expertise in routing, switching, unified communication, wireless networking, and security. Their products are reliable and provide better networking performance than other vendors. Oracle is a reliable data storage for businesses. It delivers excellent performance. Oracle provides the latest technology combined with innovative business solutions. Oracle has passed the ACID test, which ensures data integrity. Pandora is the most effective networking management tool. It is a new-generation software that provides assistance in monitoring all the issues that occur in organizations like Nozama. We have used Skype for communication within and outside the office. Skype is the most advanced, effective, and efficient social networking tool. Organizations can have voice or video conferences online through Skype, irrespective of employees’ location. Dropbox is one of the popular tools for sharing or transferring files over the network. JIRA is used by most organizations. It is used to assign and schedule tasks over the network.



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