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Nature of Domestic violence

The domestic violence exists in several ways but in all cultures throughout the world. It was accepted in male dominance culture until 20th century. In recent times, the domestic violence is not tolerated and perpetrators are punished by the law. Research has shown that in the United States, the domestic violence is common among couples and women usually suffer the most. There are different aspects of domestic violence and according to Waechter and Van (15), the nature of domestic violence ranges from psychological abuse, sexual assault, and physical assault. Studies have shown that 60% of the domestic violence which takes place in the United States is against women. Women are usually being beaten by their partners to get attention. Therefore, the nature of domestic violence in the United States occurs through psychological torture, physical abuse, sexual assault and financial abuse as well.

Several studies have indicated that physical is one of the common domestic violence in the United States. It mostly occurs when either partner in relationship is beaten up, kicked, punched and even strangled and bitten. Though there are some incidence where men have been physical assaulted, most cases of physical assault are against women. According to a Non-profit organization Women Against Violence (WAV), 60% of reported cases are usually about women who have been physically assaulted in their marriages (Mercy, Etienne and Dahlberg 23). Research has also established that a number of cases of domestic violence usually go unreported and therefore, women remain to suffer in silence. It is a situation in several states across the United States. For instance, in the state of Alaska the cases of domestic violence is 30% less than what actually occur annually. It is, therefore, evident that women are usually physically assault and some of them do not take any action.

It is estimated that sexual violence is one of the major domestic violence affected many women in the United States. According to a report from Centre for Disease and Control (CDC) almost 19.9% of women in the United States have been rate or had forceful penetration (Waechter and Van 24). The vast majority of women report that they experience rate before the age of 25 years and it usually happen in college and at homes. This makes sexual assault as one of the leading domestic violence against women. However, the law against rape and other sexual abuse has been enacted and has jailed several perpetrators for several years in jail. The sexual violence law act put a heavy punishment to sexual offenders and over the last few years several people have been jailed for life in prison due to sexual violence. Research has indicated that since the enacted of sexual offenders law the rate of rape and sexual violence has reduced though there are incidences where cases are not reported (Richard 21).

Studies have also established that psychological abuse is another common type of domestic violence which affects several families in the United States. It has been established that in most cases, partners usually subjected each other to frustration which can lead to suicide or to crime. According to Waechter and Van (25), most of the psychological abuses or violence always is against women and this cases women are the culprit of psychological abuses. However, to reduce cases of psychological abuses, the law had been passed which put strict guidance and punishment on people who abuse women psychological. This is because according to center for domestic violence several people have turn insane due to psychological abuse and continue to allow the same to proceed without strict laws might lead to permanent torture of several women in the society.

However, in order to curb the domestic violence in the United States, the Congress had passed laws such as Federal Domestic Violence law to prevent cases of domestic violence. The law makes it easy and possible for law enforcement to investigate and prosecute cases of domestic violence. Prior to the enacted of the law it was difficult for domestic violence to be prosecuted and therefore, several cases used go unpunished. According to (), the domestic violence act gives police office and nurse on practices and other healthcare practitioners the power to registered or report any kind of domestic violence and therefore, it has made it difficult for cases to go without being punish. The corporation between the healthcare facilities and the law enforcement has contributed to the decline of cases of domestic violence.

It is therefore, recommended for the government to implement strict measures which can deal with criminal elements. Though the law has proofed to be working, the sexual abuse against women at workplace, in the field and colleges must be dealt with through enactment of strict laws. It is, therefore, appropriate to enact sexual offense law which properly define sexual assault and also define the kind of punishment which can be provided if one if found to be guilty of sexual offense.

In conclusion, the nature of domestic violence in the United States is different and violence which affects women in the society is physical assault which includes beating. Research has also indicated that sexual assault and psychological abuse are also nature of domestic violence which is being faced in several households in the United States. However, in order to reduce the number of criminal elements, the laws have been introduced such as federal domestic violence law, domestic violence act and others to reduce cases of domestic violence and it has proofed to working compared to early 20th century.

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