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My Statement of Objective

I intent to apply for the Doctorate of Business Program at Florida Institute of Technology, in Melbourne Florida.

Motivation of Objective

My motivation of further study in Business has been triggered by a number of objectives and reasons. Though, during my teenage study level I always aspired of being a professor in Business course, I have also come to get motivated by other reasons in need to pursue more studies in business. I received my PhD in Business Administration in 2016 from Florida Institute of Technology. Therefore, I have sampled down five motivation objectives that has made take a DBA course at Florida Institute of Technology. These include:

Need to stand out from the pack of MBAs. Throughout my working experience as an MBA holder, I have come to realize that MBA is a popular degree that a manager or a leader can pride for. Therefore, in order to move an extra mile, I would like to pursue a DBA that will prepare me for an impeccable leadership position. Other than just ordinary leadership position, I also purpose to study for DBA so as to reach top positions such as vice president positions, operate as a chief officer in a large company among other reputable positions. I would like to pursue education that will enable acquire skills needed to understand and solve challenges that are met in large organizations like government, non-profit, education and healthcare industries.

Also need to learn the most advanced techniques and skills for leading and management of businesses and organizations. For instance, to pursue in practical training rather than book learning and theories taught in PhDs programs.

I also need a command for a higher salary that can be achieved through advancement of my studies. Pursuing a DBA course at Florida Institute of Technology comes with increase in salary expectations. I therefore wish that the practical skills that will be imparted in me will make me stand out for a highly demanded salary.

I would like to pursue my DBA so as to challenge myself continue growing which is key in business. This can only be achieved through advancement in studies more so in taking a DBA course.

Finally, my other objective for pursuit of DBA is to open multiple career paths. After extensive research about your DBA course, I have come to realize that you have among the best researchers and professors that teach hands-on skills and practical essential to solving complex issues in diverse business environment.



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