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The Evidence-based practice efforts to fulfill the gap that has been produced in the care of the patient and implements in a better result and healthier people due to the merger of the clinical experience and evidence (Chrisman et al., 2014). As a nurse, I witnessed that the measurements of blood pressure of some patients often vary if I check the Blood pressure 30 minutes after first checked. As after the consumption of the meal, I observed an increase in the blood pressure due to which I have to give them medicines.

That makes me uncomfortable about this issue. After 2 to 3 days of repetitive this issue, I finally can to know that it is because of the reading of Blood pressure before and after the consumption of food. Because the body needs additional oxygen to break the food particles into pieces to digest it properly. So this consumption of the food requires the addition of more oxygen for helping in the release of the digestive enzymes and acids (Roberts et al., 2002). So, this oxygenated blood flows inside the vessels of the blood.

Because of this, the body needs more blood from the heart for the gastric system. This results in the faster cardiac output effect, which shows the increase in blood pressure. So, I talked to my authority about this concern. They made a thorough observation of this issue and done some experiments on the patients in this concern. After successful tests and concerning from us (nurses), they changed the policy about taking of blood pressure of any patient. And made it compulsory for all the staff to check blood pressure before the meal of the patient or after a significant gap of taking meal so that the accurate measurements will be made.


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