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My Personal Leadership Philosophy

Timely prioritization of tasks is among the most important traits a leader is supposed to have. Other qualities include discipline, being clear about the goals, and setting smart targets. A leader’s actions toward achieving the missions should be logical, well thought through, and definitive. His actions should be driven by research about the facts, due diligence, and having a definite ending in mind. Such a course of action shall also maintain and elevate his dignity, which is vital for a leader to be and stay a leader. A good leader may also be self-critic at times since it will help him make improvements in all walks of life.

Being a person of high dignity, I believe that it is critical for a leader to respect his team members. I believe in myself to have this trait. Moreover, I tend to get to the grass root level and consult the people at that level. In my experience so far, I have learned that the solutions to problems often are the people who are working at the grass root level. It not only enables me to achieve my goals in a timely fashion but also lets me know the capabilities and capacities of my team members. Being aware of the caliber of each team member, I am better able to delegate tasks accordingly.

I am consistent in my efforts and do not fear failure because I believe that failure is the stepping stone toward success. To prove my mettle, I dedicated my services to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. This task needed to lead a team of many individuals. I took the leading role and broke down the whole mission into smaller, interrelated tasks. I communicated with all the team members and maintained strict discipline so that we keep our schedule. It was not long before everyone was adamant about my leadership skills and was comfortable following me. It materialized due to my faith in myself and my abilities and values. Based on it, I consider myself a good leader.



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