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My life as a Writer Essay

Great writers are shaped by experience. Even though I do not refer myself as a great author, I believe I have a good command of writing. I would prefer writing as a form of expressing individual ideas to the public. It is a way of conveying what cannot be told through the world of mouth. Writing remains to be best option to communicate a person’s ideas in a coherent and planned manner. The fact that written materials can exist for centuries makes it more favorable when it comes to referencing past history. On my opinion, writing has always been the most credible form of expressing feelings. Apart from another form of expression, it demands clarity. Regardless of self-expression taking various forms, writing remains to be at the core fro real affiliation between a writer and the audience targeted. Anne Lamott refers writing as a continuous process that involves planning and drafting of ideas. She regards the art as a. I can define the relationship between me and writing as one that has been pleasant, a growing passion to keep reading and writing. Generating new ideas and keeping them in engraved books is what makes my life. It is impossible to set aside writing since the more I try to avoid it the more I become more pronounced and well verse in the area. Moreover, it is true to denote that avoiding writing can be traumatic both for my personal and professional life. As the old adage goes,’ it is not possible to hide from your fear for a lifetime.

My childhood development was met with a flow of assignments that necessitated writing; therefore, I have opted to embrace the art since it is also a preparation for facing the real world in future. It is a form of addressing the issue that demands coherent and thoughtful ideas.

I believe that my characteristic is evident through the classroom work. I take the chance to grow my writing passion and more importantly voice my opinion to the world. The ability to share ones point of view makes it possible to also face challenges that demand strong and well-formed decisions. Writing is a way of attaining my life purpose and simultaneously makes my life more meaningful. I can reflect back to the age of twelve years when I started writing on a small notebook. This would happen during bedtimes as I listened to the music and at the same time playing with words.  At times writing managed to help fight boredom.

I believe that reading acts as a gateway to a more imaginative world. The art of reading forms a way for individuals to forget the current societal matters and individual problems. The perception created by the eloquent and well planned phrases offers a reader a chance to act as part of the story and for a session is a ‘character’. When this happens, an individual gets entangled with the world of writing where he or she cannot think of the problems in the real world. Writing creates a virtual world for a writer that enables him or her to avoid stress and other complications related to real life problems. Lamott claims that writing is a complicated and equally a fascinating event (Lamott, 2007). Writing enables authors to form any type of creative subject they might think of without the pressure of being restricted. When it is about classwork or professional ground, writing serves as a media for expressing ideas that are beneficial to the parties involved.

Writing cannot be compared to another type of work and careers. Lamott (23), she tries to equate writing with other forms of work. For instance, she notes that it is possible for a writer to be discouraged. The author refers to the discouragement as having polio. However, when a writer faces discouraged, he or she must not stop at the point and wait for people to kill his or her dreams. There is a need to accept that discouragements are part and parcel of life. It is the decision that a person makes that determines whether he or she will proceed or will remain stack at the spot. I make sure to find encouraging friends and books that are helpful during difficult times especially when discouraged.

To sum up, writing is the best way of expressing an individual’s ideas to the world. Writing offers the best way of developing personal character and also teaches how to lead an organized life. Nevertheless, living an unfortunate life remains an issue that writing discourages. A writer is guaranteed of the strength to put real life and fictional ideas into readable form and affect the lives of people. An individual can ascertain writing as a way of making his or her living; it is an industry that welcomes even the least level of knowledge; a reason that makes it my favorite art.  The fact that feelings are also channeled through writing makes the art more lively and helpful. Being a great writer and a reader are the most valuable assets that a human-being can treasure.


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