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More Innocents Die When We Don’t Have Capital Punishment

The article is about capital punishment’s existence and importance in lessening innocent individuals. It is written upon the influence of the Hampshire prisoners who were convicted as murderers and escaped from the federal prison. The discussion is that an intentional killer is always a killer even if he has killed once and must have faced capital punishment because if the prisoners escaped like this, the murderer would have a chance to kill other people. An argument is the basis of the article on capital punishment specifically, which is that the community has no awareness or education of the purpose of capital punishment. Many examples and arguments are describing capital punishment and the reaction of the abolitionists. The main aim of this paper is to analyze the article critically and to discuss the importance of capital punishment importance for the safety of innocent people from being killed.

In the United States, as well as all over the world, uncountable innocent individuals are killed because of personal conflicts, social, political and economic disturbances in the country, as well as international war issues. The murderers and killers are rarely captured or punished. In many developed countries, capital punishment is not implemented properly and just a life imprisonment is sentenced which is not a solution for removing the crime from the society and to give a lesson to the people who are about to act similarly. If concerned to capital punishment with life hazards which happens regularly like accidents on the roads, unintentional wrong medical care and failure of roller coasters, it must be noted that a huge number of innocent individuals are being killed in these hazards and capital punishment has no proper role in minimizing the innocent individual’s deaths. This argument could not be counted against capital punishment as it is eliminating the natural hazards of capital punishment.

The escape of the murderers from the prison of Hampshire is one of the national issues. It would be considered highly that if the murderer is successful in killing more people then the blame would definitely go to the attorneys who haven’t focused on capital punishment but only ended up in the imprisonment of the prisoner (Prager, Dennis). Due to this fact, it can be analyzed that capital punishment should be practised upon the murder guilty individuals who are found psychologically and with evidence of killing innocent individuals. Also, there must be no tolerance in specifically this kind of case.

In a nutshell of this problem, an example of the country must be quoted where the crime rate is negligible and there is the very rare practice of a crime. It’s the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where murder is not tolerated and capital punishment is prominently practised to show the people that there is no chance given to the individual who has taken the life of another individual in the presence of law and justice. The comparatively United States and many other European countries have multiple times more practice of crime than that of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Critics have negative remarks about capital punishment but still, it is highly requested that the security of innocent individuals to implement the rules of capital punishment in all states of the United States. This will help in lessening the confidence of the people to commit any murder in the future as they will learn that there is no way to live if they commit a murder or kill some innocent individual.

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