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Morals Reflections essay and response

The believers of the religions as well as the atheists had an argument that the practice of the religious belief could be successful in eliminating the bad actions from society and continuing the good ones. According to my perspective religious beliefs are since practiced in all over the world and they are highly beneficial in motivating the people to do some genuinely good and beneficial actions. The concept of the afterlife exists but still, it is ignored because of the great temptation of bad actions. There are many ways by which an individual can be motivated and by some real facts by which they would understand the need for good actions and the consequences of bad actions. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the different sources of motivation which would help an individual to work for a service agency at a preschool.

There are a number of people’s religious motivations which truly help others as well as they could perform harm. The religious communities attempt to volunteer as it increases the humanitarian concerns and satisfies an individual that he is working something positive for society. Religious people help in providing motivation through past incidents and religious quotes. In contrast, sometimes it is harmful to many people who perform religious activities and do good work. The people who preach or explain religious concerns about a specific incident which would cause in making an individual, extremist as it happened in many areas of the world.

There are many examples in which religion became a cause of cruelty and harm. For example, in the name of religion, the terrorists were working against the other religions in which the prominent name is Islam. Islam specifically explains that peace is the only way prosperity could be achieved and there is no way to make war but the lack of knowledge caused millions of people involved in terrorist activities. Another example that became the cause of good action included volunteering. Almost all religions prefer volunteering and it helps in feeding the poor and giving them shelter, clothing, and other necessities of life.

In my opinion, motivation is very important behind someone’s action as it would avoid in causing conflicting situations. The people would not be able to make mistakes and repetition of the mistakes would also be eliminated. I would highly recommend that motivation is essential for performing a better action. The motivations behind someone’s actions are essential as they would help him to understand if he is doing something beneficial for the community or not. If the motivation would be eliminated then the purpose of the action would die and an individual would not be able to continue for a long time.

In volunteer work, motivation is highly required. Motivation would be in the form of explaining the need for the action an individual is being performed. Since my service agency is working at a preschool, and our main aims are to provide the services at a preschool where little children are learning the basic tactics to live according to their strengths and to build themselves for school education. The children at preschool themselves would be an entire motivation as their nurturing of skills and completion of preschool would help the volunteers to find motivation in themselves.

The best motivation for the volunteers at the preschool is the awareness of the outcomes of their actions. The volunteers must be reminded from time to time that their action outcomes would be the children’s good and positive pre-education which would help them to become good citizens of society. The example would be given in the form of schools, and college students which were once in the hands of the volunteers in the preschools.




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