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Mental Illness

Bipolar disorder is a severe disorder that has many stronger genetic components. According to many studies that have been carried out it indicates that some genes in the human body are involved in this disorder. Therefore we can only say that the disorder is genetic and can be due to inheritance from one member of the family to the other. Hence like in Lucy case she might have inherited the disease from one of the family members. The disorder is characterized by some mood swings as well as final phases of depressions. These characteristics can lead to severe consequences especially to the victim’s social life. More so if the people they relate to doing not understand the causes of her violent actions and aggressiveness as well as the workplace. Hence, this is the reason why Lucy has been fired from many working places and still cannot get along with her family members when working on the farm (Fink, 1992).

Indeed bipolar disorder is a hereditary, and generic disease t is clear that the lifestyle issues, as well as the environment, have many impacts on the disorder severity. For instance, a lot of stress, as well as abuse, may lead to difficulty in treating the disorder. Like the case of Lucy where she used hard drugs thinking that they might help in her situation has led to worsening it and making it hard to treat. A lot of stress leads to depression as well as suicidal thoughts and most of the bipolar disorder victims have suicidal thoughts. The society has different views on the people they know and those they do not know or strangers on the street. When one has a member of the family that is a victim of the disorder, they may handle but a stranger most people think maybe they are under the influence of drugs. The society has stigmatized people with mental health problems in different ways, and this has led to long-term outcomes of the disorder such as suicidal cases of drug abuse (Fink, 1992).

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